Parity continues to fight for the return of the frozen 513 000 ETH

A few hours remain before the end of voting on the proposal EIP-999
the most contradictory since TheDAO issue that caused fierce debate
in the community of Ethereum, from meetings of the developers to the regulars of social networks.

The vote passed by one simple question:

Do you support the EIP-999 – code recovery contract at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91a907b4?

Voting ends at 2018-04-24T06:45:06+00:00. At the time of publication voted 333 260.9 ETH. The preponderance of 5.5% while on the side of «No», although since the beginning of voting 17 APR both points of view do not just go forward.

A fierce exchange of views unfolded in Reddit after publishing the post about that voice value of 306 000 ETH in favor of the restoration of the contract was filed on behalf of the contract with 0x3bfc20f0b9afcace800d73d2191166ff16540258 address – this is the same wallet with multipoles, which proposes to restore EIP-999.

In fact, it is a feature of voting on etherchain: the voice is not sending null transactions, as implemented in Carbonvote
(the system used in voting for the hard forks TheDAO and the first reduction rewards miners), and a digital signature of the wallet. However, since the contract cannot sign messages etherchain rules allow you to send the message with the signature of the Creator of this contract. In this case, is a non-profit Swiss Foundation Web3, led by Gavin wood (Gavin Wood), who is the founder and CEO of Parity – the main person concerned in this story.

Formal results of voting etherchain not binding Fund Ethereum, however, their results will be taken into account when making a final decision. Fund Ethereum has not yet spoken in favor of any party, but Parity will have to decide whether to agree with the General opinion or try to split the network. This will happen if Parity is a company, the client which is used by 30% of network nodes Ethereum — will make code EIP-999 unilaterally.

Answering the question of the portal Trustnodes whether they will accept the results of the vote, the representative of the Parity of Sedan Afri (Afri Shoedon) said:

We are not going to split the network. We intend to restore the said contract in consensus with other clients and the entire community.

When asked «if the result is «no», do you continue attempts to restore the contract?», and/or «if the result is «Yes», but the Fund Ethereum will say no, will you try to split the network?», Sedon replied:

«Too many assumptions, I don’t know where to start. Why do you think the Foundation will say «no», or even: why do you believe that the Fund has the power to say «no»?

Fund Ethereum is not a monolithic organization, they Fund the infrastructure development of Ethereum, but they do not control the network and not in command of it. […] I don’t think we would put forward this proposal if we wanted to split the Ethereum. At this stage the split is not on the agenda. Parity follows the rules spelled out in EIP-1 and continues to negotiate with developers, other teams and the community.»

As in the case of TheDAO who vote are a small percentage of the total number of live – at the time of writing is 3.3%, despite the fact that there are not more than 12 hours before end of voting. On the passivity of the holders of the tokens in the conduct of the referenda have repeatedly indicated Buterin Vitali and Vlad Zamfir, saying that such a vote cannot be «absolute truth», however, the voting – those who do not care, so the results are very important for the production of the final decision. In any case, these results are much more important than any, even of highly emotional social media posts or comments. In the remaining time everyone can vote electronic signatures of their wallets (supported signature MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto).

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