Parity does not insist on the hard forks of Ethereum to frozen ETH

Parity Technologies said Thursday that it plans to implement code changes that will lead to a fork in the blockchain of Ethereum. A controversial proposal to hold the hard forks called EIP-999 would help restore nearly half a million live lost
as a result of vulnerability to purse Parity in November 2017.

In a statement signed by the co-founders of the company Gavin wood, and were obtained from Steiner (Michael Steiner), it is noted that the company «is not going to fork the Ethereum network» and plans to «work on finding a solution to the problem together with the community»:

«We all spent a lot of time and effort to the development of Ethereum and do not intend to cause damage to the fact that we helped to create».

In the debates on the asset recovery offer EIP-999 has become a stumbling block for members of the community Ethereum. The web developers were warned that a similar split in opinions can cause split network and community.

In their statement, the representatives of the company Parity has stated that they are «very sorry» that users have lost money as a result of errors. In addition, they expressed the hope that those who lost money, «will be able to recover your funds».

Disagreement as to whether to recover funds frozen due to errors in Ethereum, continued for a few months. Last week, developer Alex van de Sande (Alex Van de Sande) warned at a meeting of the developers that if the current attempt of restoring will be implemented, «it contributes to the implementation of the controversial hard forks the network.»

After the incident, Parity introduced more reliable methods of security. Among them are improved the development process of smart contracts and the partnership with audit firm Trail of Bits.

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