Paul Storz has developed two BIP for sidechained Drivechain

Economist Paul Storz Bloq (Paul Sztorc) presented two BIP for sidechained Drivechain model, where participants can either move your bitcoins to a sidechained with a large block size, or remain part of a network of Bitcoin.

Saidonly allow bitcoin to move from the main blockchain to the other, where they can be reinforced by the new functions: increased privacy or smart contracts. The network can be branched out, added the possibility to implement Autonomous sicani and new mining functionality tied to the Bitcoin Protocol.

But instead of an option, the network is designed to work with a set of rules of the Bitcoin Protocol and network support Bitcoin. Storz calls his sidechained just a dream, especially now, with the code base.

Two BIP submitted by the developer, associated with what is called «escrow can see» and «blind combined mining». The trilateral agreement represents a concept similar to multisignature escrow 2-of-3, but the third party is a group of miners. Instead of having to sign a transaction using the private key, the miners are unable to sign, highlighting the power of hashing.

Blind is Merged Mining (BMM) is a method of extraction, which is used sicani or «expansion units».

«It gives assurance that the unit is valid for any arbitrary set of rules, without requiring that the miners actually do any checking. BMM is actually a process that spans two or more blockchains,» reads the description of BMM on Github.

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