Pavel Durov is preparing the launch of cryptocurrency Gram

The Creator of Vkontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov is preparing to release its own crypto currency called Gram, said a former employee of Vkontakte and Durov slave Anton Rosenberg. He believes that in this way the actor will monetize the messenger «Telegram» and provide the Asian country’s digital payment system.

The new project will be called TON (Telegram Open Network) – already have the first promo video in the style of «Star wars.» The platform will be integrated with many of the most popular apps for messaging (not yet defined what it is). TON will use the so-called «lightweight wallets» and the currency to be called Gram.

According to Rosenberg, exit to the ICO will ensure the existence of «Telegram», which «for more than five years brings only costs.»

A former member of the team of «Vkontakte» said that the actor will be looking for major support in Iran because of U.S. sanctions do not work of the international payment system and the Gram can be a panacea, but also in Uzbekistan.

Rosenberg stressed that Durov already had a bad experience with the launch of the payment system «Rubles Vkontakte», which was used about 1% of the audience of the social network.

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