Paxful to Help Fund 100 Schools in Africa #BuiltWithBitcoin

Judging solely by mainstream news reports, one sometimes might be mislead to think that only hackers, ransomware criminals and cyber punks are involved in the bitcoin community. In fact, people of all kinds are members of the growing bitcoin user-base and they engage in all kinds of economic activities, including charity. And due to the rapidly increasing value, bitcoin users now have more to give than ever before.   

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The Paxful Nursery

A recent example of the giving power of the bitcoin community is a social venture by Paxful – one of the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin marketplaces in the world.

Speaking with, Ray Youssef the CEO of Paxful said: “We have built several wells and a nursery school in Rwanda just recently. Our plan is to build 100 more schools in Africa, all #builtwithbitcoin and to get the entire scene into it.”

He explained the motivation by adding: “Instead of yellow lambos we can make a real difference in people’s everyday lives and help communities. We found the very best people working with an NGO called ZamZam Water where 100% goes to the people.

The center includes three classrooms and four restrooms with a potable irrigation system as well as a 15,000 liter water tank and water-catchment system. In total, 7,500 children between the ages of 3-6 will benefit from the project.

As for future goals Youssef said: “This is just the start and we already have 3 more wells and 2 more schools planned. Our goal is to do this ourselves if need be, but the more help the faster we can go.”

Education is the best way to make a difference! We just built or first school in #africa with #bitcoin in #rwanda and 99 more are coming. So proud of my squad, @zamzam.water and all @gopaxful users for making this possible. 100% of all donations went to helping these children and this community! #builtwithbitcoin #blockchain #cryptocurrency @akon @miketyson @tyrese

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While Rwanda is recovering from the tragic events on the early 90’s there are many areas of the country that still lack basic infrastructure, water, electricity and education. One such area is the Bugesera District where the new Paxful nursery is built in Kasebigege Village.

This initiative also involves building over twenty community gardens for sustainable agriculture.

What other good deeds the bitcoin community should get behind? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Paxful.

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