Peter Todd warns of dangerous imperfection Lightning Network

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd gave a candid assessment of technologies Lightning Network, saying that it is technically flawed in its current form. Writing about his «first impressions» implementation of a test network Lightning on Twitter, Todd questioned some of its aspects, including the operating resistance and the programming language.

«First impressions of testnet Lightning: c-lightning often fails, and when it is not, the payments often fail than successfully accomplished. Writing it on C — known to be dangerous — language does not seem to me a good idea,» wrote

Since its debut in the core network in the beginning of the year Lightning Network developed quickly, but cryptocurrency experts and developers are still arguing whether the Protocol for mass use. The chain Lightning is one of the most anticipated decisions of the second level of Bitcoin, which promises to reduce transaction fees to almost zero, as well as faster to handle the translations.

However, from a technical point of view, Lightning is still an experimental solution. Industry representatives, including Cobra, the Creator, voiced their concerns on the topic of network deployment for a wide range of users, in connection with the untested nature of many of its functions. They believe that this can lead to loss of funds.

«As for the Lightning Protocol, I’m ready to say that he will be vulnerable for DoS attacks in its current incarnation, in P2P-level and block-level,» predicted Todd. «Although a bad decision, focused on centralized payment channels, fan structures, at first it would seem very simple and easy».

Last week Andreas Antonopoulos denied
and confirmed some of the myths about Lightning Network, and was recently released
Bitcoin Core version 0.16.0, which includes full support for SegWit, a technology that, among other things, deploy the solution to the second level, in particular, Lightning Network.

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