«Pineapple» cription donated $1 million to the Internet Archive

Anonymous charity Fund Pineapple (Pineapple Fund), which makes donations in bitcoin, provided $1 million in bitcoins to the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization founded to «history storage».

According to the representative of the Foundation, the Internet Archive is becoming more valuable every day, collecting books, abandoned games, websites and communities that have closed.

According to the website of Pineapple, the Fund has supported 13 non-profit organizations 4 400 BTC, and plans to donate another 5 057 BTC (about $86 million)

Pineapple Foundation supports charitable organizations based on indicators of their performance, innovation that they provide, as well as their size.

Benefactor sends bitcoins to the organizations directly. This brings tax advantages when you send the full amount without incurring taxes on capital gains. No tax deductions for the donations it takes. A donation in bitcoins Pineapple also allows the Fund to remain anonymous.

In addition to the Internet Archive, donations to the Fund to date include:

  • $1 million the platform Watsi, designed to provide medical care to people caught in a hopeless situation.

  • $1 million to the project water purification Water Project.

  • $1 million to one of the activists with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

  • $1 million MAPS, which supports the treatment of mental illness.

  • $1 million to Fund Sens research, which supports research and treatment of aging.

  • $1 million charity that supports the provision of clean water to those in need.

  • $1 million to benefit the organization that helps to educate disadvantaged children.

  • $ 1 million non-profit organization that supports efforts to ensure stable housing around the world.

  • $ 1 million Pascils of Promise – an organization that supports educational initiatives for children around the world.

  • $1 million for «Green steps» an organization which supports efforts for environmental cleanup in Tennessee.

  • $50 000 OpenBSD, a canadian non-profit Corporation that supports the development of free software based on the operating system OpenBSD.

  • $500 000 BitGive Foundation, a charitable organization that uses the technology of the blockchain for an international charity.

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