Platform distributed computing Golem running in the core network Ethereum

10 APR 2018 project Golem, monetizing free computing power user of computers, after two years of development launched the first working beta version of the computing market. Customers (Requestors) pose computational problems, post them in the app and pay for performance, and the performers or service providers (Providers) perform these tasks on their computers and are rewarded.

However, the team warns that users should not forget that this is the first run, so they join a project at your own risk.

The development of the project began more than two years ago. ICO Golem was a harbinger of future excessive krautsalat, collecting 820 000 ETH in November 2016 for 20 minutes (ETH rate then was $10, but the enthusiasm went through the roof).

The full name of the first application in the core network Ethereum – 0.15.0 Beta Brass Golem (Brass Golem). This is the first stage of the project, and as the first computing market selected CGI rendering graphic images using the software Blender. The team is confident that the decentralized computer has a number of advantages over traditional platforms.

Now Brass Golem Beta is available for MacOS, Windows
and Ubuntu.

After the Blender, the project team intends to enter the markets of machine learning, scientific computing, and business intelligence.

Total road map of the project consists of four phases and must be completed by the end of 2019. For the Brass Golem will follow:

  • Clay Golem (Clay Golem)
    – New APIs for Customers and universal Application Registry. Simply put, developers will have the ability to integrate into your Golem app.

  • Stone Golem (Stone Golem) – increased reliability and stability are enhanced in comparison with Clay, functionality.

  • Iron Golem (Iron Golem)
    platform for developers. The ability to create applications that run outside the «sandbox» and requires only an Internet connection. The iron Golem will be a full-fledged product that provides tools developers and manufacturers. The ultimate goal is to make the Golem effective source of computer capacities and to give consumers a competitive alternative to cloud providers.

As for immediate plans, it support, proprietary hardware support for GPU computing, and close collaboration with third-party application developers.

Apparently, the next trend Ethereum 2018, following a regulatory attack on the ICO becomes the launch of a large Dapp, conceived in the romantic era 2015. The first platform was the Maker who started stalkin DAI
at the end of 2017, which on 8 April was followed by a tokenization platform physical assets Digix c licenzirovanie gold, and finally Golem. Obviously, now it’s run prediction markets Augur
and Gnosis.

The success or failure of these projects could have a decisive influence on the economic value of the whole platform Ethereum.

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