Platform GOEX launched a quick exchange of cryptocurrency

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All users of the cryptocurrency have long known the mechanism of work of exchange offices, as most of us at least once in your life use their services. World promotion of decentralized trade has led to the creation of many online exchangers, the output of digital assets through which on the same principle, but one of the components of the pair is always not a traditional currency, and cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that the exchange rate of these online sites depends not only on the current state of the market, but also, increasingly, from policy exchange. Thus, for most of exchange offices to render such services is the only source of income, in connection with which they carry out exchange on the most favorable and unfavorable terms for clients, and provide rates of purchase/sale of cryptocurrency in these cases are far from optimal. In this regard, the creators of the project decided GOEX under a single platform to combine the investment platform and its own exchanger, thus providing for its users a relatively favorable conditions for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

In order to work successfully, the exchanger must have a significant amount of money for turnover. The popularity of the platform GOEX grows and turnover increases, thus, the investment program of the project with a stable conservative marketing will help to provide the necessary level of funds to implement the required volume of exchange transactions. Now GOEX exchanger shows good results, despite the relatively short period since launch per day on average through online platforms GOEX is from 50 to 170 exchange of cryptocurrency transactions (the maximum figure currently stands at 204 transactions per day).

The advantages of GOEX

GOEX provides to its users the most rapid process of exchange of cryptocurrency, because within the site speed depends only on the base rate confirmation of convertible currencies. Important is the fact that a major purchase with GOEX is not affected by trends in market prices, in contrast to the placement of the order on the centralized exchange.

Regarding the main priority, GOEX charges relatively low Commission for the implementation of transactions and provides some of the best rates in the market. Profitable rates of cryptocurrencies is provided through dynamic rates. In GOEX fixed rates do not exist, otherwise the project would have to take market risks, including the risks of high exchange rates volatility, which automatically would lead to increased commissions. In the framework of GOEX market set engine that looks at prices for the purchase of crypto-currencies on different exchanges, to find the best. So, the system searches for more than one hundred market ways, providing in the end the best possible price at the moment.

Exchange transactions using GOEX

It is necessary to underline quite modern and sleek design and interface of the website GOEX, where the user is prompted to carry out exchange operations. He is intuitive and very simple to use. Unlike many other exchanges, GOEX does not require registration, which also greatly simplifies the use of the service.

Going to the main page of the site GOEX first thing the user sees is a window for the direct implementation of the exchange transaction. So, if a person has Bitcoin, and he wants to exchange it on the air, in this window you can select bitcoin as a currency source is sent, and the Ether – as the resulting output. Next, the user indicates the address of the wallet of the Ether in the upper field (destination address) and the address of your Bitcoin wallet (the return address). Then you must click «I accept the Terms» and «Begin transaction».

GOEX creates a Bitcoin Deposit (this is the address at which the user sends Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet). In the end, the user sends the desired amount of Bitcoins to this generated address. And in just a few moments, after the transaction, Broadcast will be sent to the user’s wallet. At the moment GOEX exchanges such cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. However, this list will be constantly expanding, and the plans of the founders to support all the most popular cryptocurrency.

Feedback in such projects is very important, because often wait for a response from any major exchange and crypto-currencies is very difficult, and it takes a lot of time. In case you have any questions or concerns, GOEX provides operational support to users 24/7. Any question, operators GOEX decide no more than 1 hour. More information about GOEX can be found on the official website of the project.

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