Platform Medium set new rules for cryptocurrency projects

Social platform online journalism Medium changed its policy towards cryptocurrency, tokens and the ICO, noting that the organization should not verify their purchases accounts and custom posts before publishing.

The platform is not going to ban publications associated with the cryptocurrency topic, but will carry out additional checks and block articles failure to comply with certain conditions.

Before you make any transactions referred to in articles purses, Medium team strongly recommends that readers carefully study the information about the company and the seller using third-party sources, and become familiar with the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency.

Medium even posted several links with instructions on how to recognize fraudulent cases in the cryptocurrency environment.

«Because the Medium is not able to independently verify each token or fraudulent notice, we establish specific requirements for ads about the product or the sale of any products related to these topics,» – said on the website of the platform.

Articles and accounts that do not meet the following requirements will be considered spam and may be blocked:

  • the active link to the domain of the project data about the account;

  • binding to this domain e-mail addresses;

  • Medium verified active e-mail address;

  • linking to another social network (Facebook or Twitter), which is the same domain;

  • the existence of the page with relevant contact information;

  • the ability to specify in one post the address of only one e-wallet.

Medium prohibits:

  • use an anonymous email address that is not associated with the domain of the project (e.g., gmail, protonmail, etc.);

  • advertising or participating in charity campaigns bounty programs, schemes, Pump&Dump, remuneration for writing or other form of suspicious activity;

  • to include in the text, hidden links or shortened URLS;

  • re-use templates of content with minor modifications in different publications or different accounts;

  • to include in the publication of more than one e-wallet.

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