Platform Saidjanov DappChain deployed on Ethereum

Another confirmation of the thesis that the engine of technology scaling Ethereum will not Finance apps and entertainment, is a new product of a startup Loom Network – a Toolkit for building Saidjanov with high capacity around the main blockchain network.

Initially the company Network Loom, put your task to create a universal platform to build scalable online games like MMORPG and apps for social communication – decentralized counterparts Reddit, Twitter, StackOverflow is on the basis of blockchain Ethereum, chosen because of the potential benefits of the Protocol PoS Casper and sharding promised comparable to Twitter (7000 tweets per second) throughput.

However, delays in the implementation of new protocols has forced developers to turn to other technologies, the most available of which are different versions of Saidjanov, when the basic transaction flow is outside the main blockchain, not overloading it. The December overload Ethereum caused by the epidemic Cryptonomicon, which will soon be added numerous followers, have given such developments, a powerful new incentive.

Of course, sydeny are not a panacea as they are not able to provide the level of network security provided by the current PoW or future Protocol Casper, however, there are applications where this is not required. The overall scalability of the trilemma formulated by Zamfira Vlad (Vlad Zamfir) looks like this:

Decentralization, scalability, security. At the same time, you can choose any two options.

This is similar to the long-known trilemma of construction «Can build (1) fast; (2) qualitative; (3) cheap. Select any two of the three».

Sydeny Loom – scalability and security

The specificity of the platform DappChain is that each application (Dapp) has its own sidechained, and the corresponding tool allows you to create network configuration most suitable for your specific needs Dapp.

For maximum throughput, DappChains selects the scalability and security (protection from attack), sacrificing decentralization, consensus is the Protocol DPoS, the same used in Steemit, Cardano and EOS. Its increased throughput is due to a small number of validators: the fewer, the faster are the transaction, but the network becomes more centralized.

At the same time, we cannot say that the application on DappChains are centralized and under the control of the Network Loom. Developers can choose the algorithm of consensus and the decision of «which two of the three» choose is theirs. Loom Network merely provides the SDK to create sidechained, in which the layer of a consensus can be substituted for another, for example, Casper, as soon as it is brought to working condition, or Tendermint.

The relationship between DappChain and bloccano is through the Ethereum smart contract on the main blockchain, which contains digital assets applications, and deposits and transactions must be confirmed by the consensus of the Loom.

First Dapp on the sidechained Loom became

What is DelegateCall

It’s constantly growing and updating the website of questions and answers regarding the blockchain and Ethereum, and working on Loom DappChain.

Users can comment using points of karma, just as it is implemented in Reddit. However, unlike traditional Web 2.0 social networks, karma can be exchanged for tokens «DelegateCall» standard ERC-20 of value.

DelegateCall can be briefly described as a hybrid of Steemit and StackOverflow on the Ethereum blockchain.

The application consists of a sidechained with their own DPoS consensus associated with smart contracts Ethereum, and a website with a SQL database that is a mirror of the blockchain and updated with the new blocks. The site itself DelegateCall can only be viewed as a convenient user interface (Ruby on Rails), the same as
in relation to the blockchain Steem. The whole architecture shown in the following diagram:

Here Loom.js interface with DappChains responsible for signing transactions on the client side and converts them into a format DappChain. It can be likened to web3.js for Ethereum

What’s next

To the existing sidechained DelegateCall very soon will be added to the game CryptoZombies from Loom Networks.

The platform itself DappChains officially announced on March 14, although only in a closed beta mode. Subsequently, the access the SDK will be open to all developers, and while it is given on request. To access any sidechained requires at least one token LOOM, which is a pass to the network. It costs $1.99 and serves as a pass into the network, and you can buy it on the website LoomX.

Of course, the platform DappChains not universal – for example, saidchina is hardly suitable for projects with a high intrinsic value, such as ICO. However, for blockchain-games and social networking it fits perfectly, although the same claim niche technology channels state developed, among others, the project team SpankChain.

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