Platform ShareRing raised $3.8 million of initial funding

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Bidirectional (B2B, B2C) commercial digital platform ShareRing for the sector of the sharing economy, the size of which is estimated at more than $100 billion, has announced the successful raising of $3.8 million for the initial financing of the project.

The funding round was held before the beginning of preparation for ShareRing Token Generation Event, which will take place on 4 June. The purpose of TGE is to issue 5 billion private utility-tokens platform ShareToken (SHR), 60% of which will be offered with the condition of maximum fees limit (hardcap) to 38 million USD.

Co-founded in 2017 by Australians Tim Barefoot, Rohan, Le page, Peter David and Neville Christie, the company of the same name ShareRing designs on-demand platform which aims to concentrate in a single unit excessively fragmented sector of the sharing economy, combining services, sharing all sectors and regions, as well as users of the market economy of collaborative consumption, which can locate and pay for such services anywhere in the world.

With the exception of Roanne, Le Paige, the team of founders ShareRing is the Creator of the company Keaz, one of the international leaders of the sector of car sharing, which also offers cooperation under the «White Label» in this area. At the moment in the growing international network of Keaz, there are more than 300 mobile karteninhaber units and units for other vehicles, and the company has partnerships with such renowned companies as Toyota, Telstra, Envoy and Merchants Fleet Management.

The idea ShareRing arose out of the intent of the founders in relation to more global coverage and achieve better social sustainability through more appropriate use of resources and assets at a global level.

Tim BOS, co-founder ShareRing, said: “a Moment of Epiphany for ShareRing ideas occurred in a period when I traveled to Japan and watched an excessive amount of solid waste directly along the streets . Then I realized how much garbage we produce as a society of mass consumption. I was thinking to myself that we can improve this situation as the single global power, but only if connect to realising the potential of community where you use the rental, lease, borrowing, and sharing.”

«Operating on the basis of actually developed the distributed blockchain, which received the name, ShareLedger, platform ShareRing had no chance to be implemented earlier for reasons of technological limitations. Only after the introduction and global scaling blockchain technology we were able to implement our concept and to provide universal access to any resources that are available in a single, Central system,» added Tim Bos.

The amount of 3.8 million USD has been raised from the investors are relatives and friends of the members of the team for six weeks. Funds will be used to expand the team ShareRing, application development and support current marketing strategy.

As scheduled Token Generation Event, the team ShareRing also announced the beginning of the private pre-sale token 5 March 2018. And at the moment to participate at this stage, the company has already received requests from interested persons for the sum of 10,8 million USD. Public sale will begin June 4, 2018.

Until the full launch of the blockchain ShareLedger token SHR will be released on the blockchain-Ethereum platform. The token will be a token of the standard ERC20, its sale will be everyone who registered in the whitelist and passed the procedure of «know your customer» (KYC). ShareRing also organizes several competitions and events in collaboration with its partners, including the Token Hunt, and will also hold a certain shares in individual countries.

Tim Barefoot noted a few more details in his comments: “30 percent of tokens will be focused on the development of start-UPS sector of the sharing economy. They sent the parts directly to the startup teams. We will also support them by organizing various events such as holiday festivals, with the aim of development and integration of significant international and broad community in the environment of economy of sharing.»

About ShareRing

ShareRing is a bidirectional (B2B, B2C) on-demand digital commercial platform that integrates the services of the sharing economy from all sectors and regions, as well as users of the market of collaborative consumption, which can locate and pay for such services anywhere in the world.

A user system ShareRing provides a comprehensive and monolithic-stop shop services, which use allows to eliminate the need to make a currency exchange at disadvantageous rates to pay expensive fees when sending international transfers regardless of where the user is or what he is he occupies, leases or uses together.

For companies, participating or willing to participate in sectors of the economy of collaborative consumption, ShareRing provides a smooth process of implementation in this area, and offers a more secure way to lease the property and share the resources, which will provide companies the opportunity to scale, to build trust to the brand and extend the coverage to a much larger consumer base.

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