Platform tokenization business TokenGo raised $1 million in Pre-ICO

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For anybody not a secret that the future financial, operational and investment processes of a company is to use the technology of the blockchain. Systematic study of representatives of the largest consulting, legal, investment and technology firms find in distributed registries solutions to many challenges facing the participants in each of the sectors of the economy.

The rapid growth of technology creates a set of solutions that meet the needs of real people. Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, document management in the system of distributed registry, and ICO, as an analogue of the IPO have established ourselves as a working, effective solutions, and the market there are already clear leaders in terms of efficiency and quality of services provided. However, all these solutions share one drawback – the lack of a strategic platform that provides a full range of services, as well as the lack of a unified ecosystem that meets all the requirements and wishes of the participants.

The existence of a unified platform, taking into account the above parameters, only possible in the form of modular, self-sufficient system in which all components are interrelated, and the maintenance and support of the system will be placed on the activity of the participants. That was the vision of the project came from the creators of the platform TokenGo. The study of the expectations from these platforms allowed us to create a matrix of services to work effectively both novices and major players in the market reflecting all the company processes starting from site creation and ending with the maintenance of smart contracts.

TokenGo platform for beginners and professionals of business on the blockchain

Inspired by all the advantages offered by the use of blockchain technology and the widespread promotion of decentralized systems and ICO, the goal of the founders of the project TokenGo was the creation of a blockchain platform tokenization business. Given the fact that not every entrepreneur or startup author versed in the procedures of the ICO, and the use of this mechanism for many projects opens up opportunities, the creators TokenGo, realizing this trend, which is engaged in developing a platform in which any user can make use of easy to understand tools for the procedure ICO.

Platform capabilities TokenGo for ICO projects

For the founders of the projects that use the services of the platform TokenGo will be prepared and provided all necessary tools to conduct ICO: own tokens, landing pages, structure of the bounty of the companies with private offices of the participants, turnkey solutions for security sites, etc.

Also important is the fact that using a blockchain platform TokenGo you can take advantage of the unique designer of smart contracts is not difficult and will not take much time (unlike, for example, from self-configuration of smart Ethereum contract). Using the constructor of smart contracts TokenGo will ensure the safety and full transparency of work and will significantly lower the threshold of market entry for any company.

Function TokenGo for business

Companies specializing in financial services TokenGo will provide an opportunity to make instant payments and transfers anywhere in the world. In situations where there is a risk of non-completion of transactions or uncollected funds, the possibility of a blockchain platform will protect this process, since all information on any transaction stored in the blockchain, which eliminates the possibility of any unilateral action.

It should be noted that the storage of all transactions and documents in the blockchain TokenGo provides full transparency of operations, Finance, contracts and other records that facilitates automation of accounting. Work in the field of notaries, document management, cadastral accounting and registration actions will also be more secure using the blockchain TokenGo, which (without the use of a third party) will provide a guarantee of the reliability of particular information.

The concept of ecosystem TokenGo

The model of the closed economic and social processes formed the basis for the creation of the ecosystem of the platform TokenGo, which is built with all modern requirements for success and ensure the income of its members. Looking in more detail at components of the ecosystem TokenGo and their capabilities.

The web site contains TokenGo private office with all necessary summary information regarding already connected and ready-to-connect services, as well as information about ongoing Krautsevich and ICO data projects. In the personal Cabinet TokenGo you can view statistics of their activities are relatively purchased token amounts of cryptocurrency wallets and transactions. Also, the user of the web site TokenGo will be able to read the news about ICO, to participate in the bounty campaigns, earn internal tokens etc.

Designer of landing pages ICO TokenGo will allow the authors of the ICO to exercise flexibility in customizing your website for doing ICO and easily integrate it into a web site TokenGo. All this will improve the understanding of projects by the participants of the platform. Designer smart contracts Go Token simplifies the process of creating a smart contract and allows to obtain reliable and trouble-free solution for the owner and investor.

Cryptocurrency exchange TokenGo allows you to integrate an unlimited number of currency pairs, and its intuitive interface, simplified test of balance, synchronization with the office web platform TokenGo simplify and accelerate the process of earning income. System harvesting voting TokenGo will motivate the participants of the platform to specific actions contributing to the achievement of a common goal, at the expense of equitable remuneration in proportion to the contribution of each of them. A fair system of remuneration TokenGo involved in the creation and maintenance of the project’s strongest professional community.

Tokens platform GoPower (GPT) and GoCoin (GOC) and the difference between them

GoPower (GPT) – token on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a fundamental unit of the platform and is used for holding ICO TokenGo. GoCoin (GOC) as opposed to GPT is an internal token TokenGo, payment and settlement tool platform. The GOC obtained daily in the mintinga (similar to mining) using its own algorithm consensus DPoP (a modified DPoS).

Members of the site — owners GoPower tokens on the platform TokenGo, automatically have the opportunity to participate in the production of coins GoCoin resulting from the daily activity of the party platform. GoCoin is distributed among the participants of the platform TokenGO according to a special algorithm taking into account the limited emissions, and the planned growth rate that allows to maintain the attractiveness of remuneration and to provide a stable growth platform. Just released 700 000 000 tokens GoPower (GPT), of which 600 000 000 GPT available for purchase since the beginning of the Pre-ICO campaign.

At the moment, until February 10, 2018 platform TokenGo conducts a preliminary stage of the ICO, which has the most favorable conditions. Thus, the participants offered to buy tokens GPT at an attractive price — 1 GPT = 0.00057143 ETH, and a bonus equal to 50% of the purchase price. Note that the current fees in the ongoing Pre-ICO already account for 81% of the Soft Cap or $ 1 million. This means that to achieve 100% platform can move on to the next stage of development and Pre-Sale bonus may be reduced in accordance with the terms of the Road map project. The participants of crowdsee also offers regular bonuses for the number of purchased tokens for supporting the project in various social networks, as well as referral program.

So, it is obvious that due to its strategy and institutional approach to the analysis of the market, the creators of the project developed a potentially competitive, profitable platform, and the flexible conditions under the Pre-Sale will allow investors to join an active community of professionals in the framework of the platform on the most favorable terms. Learn more about the project, its concept and Road map, as well as time to participate in the ongoing Pre-ICO, on the official website of the company where presented a Whitepaper, or in the pages of TokenGo in social networks.

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