Playboy TV is now accepting payments in crypto-currencies and will launch its own token VIT

On March 14, the industry leader of adult entertainment Playboy Enterprises announced the integration of cryptocurrency payments, which will start with a portal Playboy TV. According to the announcement, customers will be able to obtain in the future for cryptocurrencies and access to other content, exclusive content, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Reina Patel (Reena Patel), chief commercial officer of Playboy Enterprises, said:

«As the popularity of alternative payment methods continues to grow worldwide, along with digital platforms Playboy, we believe it is important to provide 100 million customers every month using our services, greater flexibility in the payment sector».

According to Playboy, the company plans to integrate a multi-currency wallet, which will be available to a variety of digital assets and the coin called Vice Industry Token (VIT). Using cryptocurrency to pay for exclusive adult content, customers will be able to «earn tokens to view the original content Playboy.TV and also comment on and vote for him.»

«This innovation gives the millions of people who enjoy our content, more choice in respect of the payment, and in the case of VIT — a chance to be rewarded for the commitment of Playboy,» said Patel.

This step is not the first call Playboy to cryptocurrency — 2014 Playboy Plus started to accept bitcoins for payment.

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