Poland denies interest in cryptocurrency Venezuelan petro

The Polish Ministry of Finance has denied reports that it is interested in the public bitcoin Venezuela petro provided by oil. Earlier this month, Venezuela said that several countries have expressed interest in getting petro to trade with Venezuela. In particular, they talked about Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Vietnam, Poland and other countries.

Before the launch of the Petro Minister of foreign trade of the country Vielma josé Mora (José Vielma Mora) said that Poland and some other countries «have expressed interest in exporting goods to Venezuela, such as food and medicine» and getting paid for them in bitcoin petro.

The Polish edition of «Gazeta» has asked the Ministry of Finance to comment on this statement and received the following reply:

«The Ministry of Finance has not received any official letter on the matter… Cryptocurrencies are not issued and are not provided with the Central Bank or other public institutions. Therefore, they are not legal tender or currency, they can’t be used to pay tax liabilities, and rarely accepted payment for goods and services.»

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland also responded to the issue of possible support to the crypto currency of Venezuela. «According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Poland has not expressed interest in transactions involving cryptocurrencies Petro», — explained in the Ministry.

Venezuela also stated that several other countries are interested in getting Petro for trading. Venezuelan TV channel Telesur mentioned in this connection, Denmark, Honduras, Norway and Vietnam. The superintendent of cryptocurrency Carlos Vargas (Carlos Vargas) noted before you run Petro:

«Of course, there will be a lot of investors from Qatar, Turkey and other countries in the Middle East, while the Europeans and the Americans will want to participate.»

Earlier this month, Maduro called
the OPEC countries to join it in developing a platform for cryptocurrency provided by oil. Last week, Venezuelan Minister of economy and Finance wrote
tweeted that he discussed economic and financial cooperation with Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, «with an emphasis on new cryptocurrency Venezuela Petro».

In addition, recently, the government of Venezuela announced the receipt of more than a billion dollars from pre-sale of Petro for two days (in particular, of 735 million dollars on the first day), though some doubt
the fact that Venezuela were able to earn something on their new currency.

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