Polish traders are protesting against the taxation of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency traders of Poland are protesting against the government’s decision on the taxation of all cryptocurrency transactions in the country.

Last week the Ministry of Finance has published a document which States that income from cryptocurrency transactions will be regulated according to the rules of income tax that is taxed at 18% and 32%.

The tax authority also stated that the act of sale or purchase of digital currencies should be treated as the transfer of ownership, which means that the state will charge 1% on any transaction.

This announcement has caused widespread dissatisfaction among users, prompting them to create a petition. It says that the government cryptologist destroys and prevents the development of advanced technologies, in particular the blockchain.

«We demand application of the technology of the blockchain and the abolition of all taxes associated with this industry», – said in the petition. «We want to be active creators of this technology, not just passive recipients of centralized Polish institutions or foreign organizations.»

According to the Prime Minister of Poland Matos Moravcova, digital currency is a Ponzi scheme, but the government and state creditors generally support the blockchain as a source of innovation in the banking sector.

The petition was signed by over 2,200 people who think that the capital invested in cryptocurrencies, may be taxed «hundreds or even thousands of times.» In the end they managed to achieve some results – the Ministry of Finance announced the beginning of the development of «more convenient» rules, adding that it maintains its position.

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