Poll Ron Paul: over 50% of respondents want to own bitcoin

Ron Paul (Ron Paul), a former member of the U.S. house of representatives , conducted a survey in his Twitter and found out that only 2% of people will choose the dollars as a «gift» if they can’t use them for 10 years. With more than half of respondents said that with pleasure will accept this gift in bitcoin.

More than 70,000 respondents expressed their opinion in the poll Ron Paul who asked in his Twitter
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«A rich man wants to give you $ 10,000. You can choose in what form to receive this gift. But there is a limitation: you must be present in the form that you choose, and you can’t touch it for 10 years. In what form would you like to get a gift?».

At the time of publication in the survey participated 70 513, 54% of whom chose to receive money in bitcoins, and 36% — in gold. Only 8% would prefer government bonds and only 2% would like to receive money in the form of banknotes of the Federal reserve Bank.

«Bitcoin — all. Gold is not the same,» said the founder of Coinkite and Opendime Rodolfo Novak (Rodolfo Novak) in response to the entry Floor.

The survey of Sex is one of the largest to date, studies of public opinion in regard to sympathy for bitcoin. During this year, Paul actively campaigned in defense of cryptocurrencies and has even advised
the government «stay away from bitcoin». His son Rand Paul (Rand Paul), also known that took
donations in bitcoin for his presidential election campaign in 2015.

Increased awareness of bitcoin goes in tandem with a significant increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, which is now approaching $ 15,000. While the press often sounded warnings of financial experts that bitcoin is a bubble that is doomed to failure, it seems that people instinctively trust the cryptocurrency. However, the lack of understanding of its characteristics or the mechanism can lead to many bad investments.

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