Polls: two-thirds of Russians consider investing in bitcoin unprofitable

According to a survey the Russian center for public opinion research (VCIOM), the Russians quite superficially familiar with bitcoin: of the 1,200 respondents, 56% of respondents aware of the concept, but their knowledge is not always true, 14% had heard the name, another 30% were not familiar with him.

So, 34% believe that buying bitcoin and everyone can, 27% believe that it is available only to a limited circle of persons, and 16% are sure that Russia is buying it prohibited.

On the illegality of the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies know 44% of Russians. However, 29% of respondents are convinced that bitcoin can be exchanged for dollars and rubles.

Another 48% of respondents believe that cryptocurrency can only buy. 29% know that it is possible to produce themselves. While 40% of Russians answered that bitcoins to pay for goods and services. 43% believe that for them nothing to buy and they are useful only for speculation. 33% believe the currency is questionable, since it was poorly protected and steal it easier than regular money.

67% call buy bitcoin bad investment and do not suggest to do it. Best investment in crypto-currency believe only 13% of respondents, however to acquire it in the future I plan to only 9%. While 87% do not consider the possibility of such purchases.

Interestingly, 27% of Russians can’t buy bitcoins because «not enough people know about them», and 17% do not trust them, and 16% have no money for it.

According to a leading expert-consultant Oleg Chernozub Polls, distrust of the Russians to bitcoin falls under rule of professional traders: if the rate of some asset discussed in TV programs for Housewives, means it will soon collapse.

“And bitcoins are rapidly approaching that status. Their main problem is that they don’t have a «final demand». Paper money you can at least pay taxes to the government that issued them. And it will be under an obligation to take «their» currency. But nobody is obliged to accept cryptocurrency,» – said the sociologist.

Director of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain Arseny Weltzin believes that the survey showed a sufficient level of knowledge about bitcoin, which should have the average Russian.

«The bitcoin blockchain is a technology in which experts need to understand the people who need it. The rest of the knowledge needed for the General Outlook, yet the trend. But in order for a student made a translation, it is not necessary to know how the system works. Moreover, it is difficult to understand the system – it has a lot of pros and cons, and to begin to understand, it is necessary to study a lot of literature, get acquainted with the projects, – said the expert.

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