Pony Direct: the Samourai wallet to send bitcoins via SMS

Anonymous wallet Samourai announced a new closed Pony app Direct way to send bitcoins via SMS. The main goal of the new application to improve the resistance of the government censorship and blocking of Internet channels. One of the developers Samourai Wallet said:

«Pony Direct may be used to send bitcoin transactions via SMS even if Internet access is blocked. Using the app to send the transaction via SMS to any Internet-connected device on Android, you can bypass any censorship on the Internet, regardless of where the sender. Pony Direct was developed in-house as an application proof-of-concept with the intention to open its source code to invite developers to participate in the project. Tools».


Pony Direct it is possible to download on Github. It certainly will be popular, as over the last few years countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq, Brazil, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Turkey and Algeria have tried to close access to some resources devoted to cryptocurrency. SMS can be a way of circumventing the prohibition of these regions.

The developers Samourai also told how to send bitcoins via SMS. According to them, the problem was that one message can contain only 160 characters, so we needed to find a way to send less SMS to send transaction bitcoin side, is able to broadcast it to the network.

The first SMS message in a sequence contains information about the total number of messages in the series, the ID of the hash that must match at the end, data package identifier, sequence number and data portion of the transaction. The following SMS will contain a sequence number, the identifier of the data packet and more data transactions. As soon as the receiving device receives the expected number of SMS for one data packet from the same incoming number, transaction data extracted from each message, then the transaction is re-assembled and placed in the network of Bitcoin.

Samourai noted that Pony Direct is «part of ongoing research and development of alternative methods of information transfer to improve resistance to censorship». Company representatives also noted that later this year they plan to release a version of wallet for iOS.

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