Populism retail: NVIDIA asked the retailers in the sale of cards to give priority to gamers

The Californian technology company NVIDIA is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs) is addressed to retailers of their cards with a request to give priority to gamers and not to the crypto currency miners.

This request is due to the fact that the growing popularity of cryptocurrency mining has caused a global shortage and higher prices for video cards. For example, the top model GeForce GTX 1080 Ti from NVIDIA are usually sold in retail close to the recommended price of $ 699, but now this graphics card can cost up to $ 1,250. The high price and lack of graphic card caused outrage among many gamers who demanded that NVIDIA and AMD have solved this problem.

According HotHardWare
NVIDIA decided to intervene and take the side of gamers. The company turned to large retailers with a request to give preference to video gamers, not miners when selling graphics cards. Some retailers, such as Amazon, have already introduced limits, setting a limit on a single card in the order.

However, experts believe that most distributors will ignore the request and will NVIDIA sell their video cards to those who will pay for them, regardless of whether they use them for mining cryptocurrency or play video games.

The representative of NVIDIA, Bells Boris (Boris Böhles) explained the company’s decision in an interview ComputerBase:

«For NVIDIA gamers in the first place. All actions related to our GeForce product line, focused on our core audience. To ensure that players have access to the graphics card, we encourage our trading partners to take appropriate measures to meet the needs of gamers.»

Nvidia’s statements seem more populism than real care about the gamers. Massive buying of GPU miners has considerably increased the profit of the GPU vendors, but they do not tend to separate the segments of gaming and mining, which effectively solve the problem of shortage of cards. Announced in the summer of the development of specialized GPU mining did not give result. And models of graphics cards for mining without output running multiple vendors — Gigabyte, Palit, MSI, Inno3D and others — is not popular with the miners, as they only have three months guarantee, in addition, their price is only slightly inferior to full-fledged graphics cards that retain value and in case of refusal of the owner from mining.

Analysts believe that the price of graphics cards will continue to grow in the future as more and more people will want to increase the scale of mining to remain competitive. On the other hand, game enthusiasts believe that the high price of graphics cards could further damage the global gaming market, which will continue to migrate to mobile and browser games. does not require a powerful graphics card.

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