Porsche is testing a technology of the blockchain in their cars

German carmaker Porsche signed a partnership agreement with the Berlin project XIAN, in which tests are made of the technology of the blockchain in the Porsche Panamera.

Technology plan to implement a number of electronic vehicle systems such as door locks mechanisms, authorization of temporary access (transfer to other persons for use) and other systems. In the future this technology can become the basis for the development of Autonomous cars.

«The technology of the blockchain is very extensive application. With its help you can quickly and securely transfer any information to pay for the fuel at the gas station or Parking fees, to set a temporary transfer of the vehicle to others. We strive to transform advanced technology into direct benefits for our customers,» said Director of financial strategic planning Porsche Oliver Doering (Oliver Döring).

The project XAIN, ahead about a hundred other participants, won the contest Porsche Innovation Contest and won the right to three months of joint work with the Porsche team on the development and testing of applications.

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