Pre-ICO Telegram filed application in the amount of $3.8 billion

According to the information from indirect sources, reception of applications for participation in pre-primary placement of tokens is not yet existing blockchain platform TON completed by a specified amount, is superior to all ICO charges for 2017. Command Telegram and the founder of the company has Pavel Durov remains silent, however, without denying the fact of preparations for the ICO and accuracy of the information in the media.

Still unconfirmed reports, at this stage, the expected fees were to be $600-850 million. However, the representative of the «syndicate of investors», said that the amount of applications exceeds the planned four times.

An unnamed member of an unnamed venture Fund said that the amount of pre-orders amounted to about $3.8 billion. With this figure agreed another potential investor whose application has been rejected. He is currently trying to buy back the shares from more successful colleagues. According to him, such a foreclosure can cost 30-40% more than the original amount.

According to media reports, the token Telegram (Gram) cost of early investors of $0.3. According to preliminary estimates the price of the coin may rise to $1.45- $3.5. Payments on approved applications will be held until February 1, 2018.

Earlier, some media reported that the amount of fees, planned Telegram, $600 million in pre-sale and as much again during the main round of the ICO, which will be held in March this year.

Pavel Durov, co-founder and head of Telegram, did not give official confirmation about the launch of the Pre-ICO project TON, other representatives of the company also declined to comment, and on the official website there is no information about the ICO. Despite this, the network spotted the fraud – criminals sell not the existing coin Gram gullible investors.

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