Presidents Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs don’t want to introduce bitcoin to reduce volatility

According to Lloyd Blankfein (Lloyd Blankfein), CEO of Goldman Sachs, and Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg), the founder and CEO of Bloomberg, their plans to introduce bitcoin can be described as follows: «not today» and «not in our lifetime».

Blankfein: volatility played a role

Blankfein and Bloomberg gave a joint interview
on the Bloomberg TV network, where he noted that, given the volatility of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency needs to slow down the pace of oscillations before it will be seriously considered by major market players.

«Should we have a strategy in relation to bitcoin? Not today,» said Blankfein.

«That moves up and down 20% a day, not like currency, not like a way to save money. If bitcoin will act in the role of means of accumulation, as well as stop quickly to change price — we’ll get to him.»

Bitcoin became the center of discussion on wall street in recent months, and its reputation improved markedly when CME Group has announced that it plans to start trading futures bitcoin next month. Ad
Nasdaq that it will also offer futures on bitcoin, fueled interest in the cryptocurrency.

However, Blankfein confirmed that virtual currency is still «not for him», while Bloomberg said on his century, large investment banks will start to use bitcoin in their operations.

President Bloomberg: our system is the blockchain

However, regarding the technology of the blockchain Bloomberg was configured much more optimistic, stating:

«This is a technology that provides different ways to access the data, different people can control them, you can see who has carried out some action, and there are areas where this tool can be extremely useful.»

He also noted:

«In fact, the Bloomberg system is the blockchain. Only her control of the company, not the users, but it has all its characteristics.»

It is possible for Michael Bloomberg this difference is not too much, but most of the supporters of the cryptocurrency appreciate them for what they cannot control by any one company or government.

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