PressCoin – the Cryptocurrency to Eliminate Fake News Forever

At a time when the world is filled with fake news, where news producers get nothing out of their hard work, and platforms distort the truth just to get attention. PressCoin offers the much-needed solution to the industry at a crucial time, addressing the need of the hour.

What is PressCoin?

PressCoin is a cryptocurrency platform that seeks to revolutionize the way the world creates, advertises, designs, and finances news. With a system of protocols, PressCoin’s cryptocurrency infrastructure offers a new way for individuals and creators to fast-track the creation and movement of information and uses a network of media institutions to provide capabilities, tools, and functions that democratize the creation and dissemination of information.

The technologies underlining PressCoin

PressCoin provides a cloud-based, big-data platform, APIs, as well as a robust content management system where information is created and disseminated using multiple channels and platforms. Value and innovation in media are also enhanced through blocks in the blockchain space to enable easy integration with third-party platforms.

End users of PressCoin also provide with an excellent space with wallets, payment systems, and APIs, and backed by CointypeX, a Swiss-backed cryptocurrency via fiat trading space, users are guaranteed the best of technological experience.

PressCoin, in order to ensure state-of-the-art collaboration among creators, has built a number of technological tools: NextElection, where journalists, politicians, and citizens collaboration; ChickenSoupNews, a platform where journalists find solutions; InsurgeIntelligence, a playing field for investigative journalists; Zolori, where local businesses, news, and events are broadcasted, as well as many other technology platforms.

Advantages of PressCoin

PressCoin offers a lot of advantages to its users, including:

  • A shared Television space

Through multiple platforms, PressCoin.TV offers a space for creators to produce top-notch, curated, and multi-channel content for consumers – all made possible through a decentralized blockchain system.

  • Collaboration at its best

The very tenet of PressCoin, which has to do with seamless collaboration offers a playing ground for curators, creators, investigators, and influencers to meet and work on pertinent issues in the media industry and curb fake news.

  • A new regenerative platform

With PressCoin, the old media and its ways of encouraging fake news are a thing of the past.

The Team

Led by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, an industry-recognized investigative journalist with over 16 years of experience, Gunther Sonnenfeld, a renowned global entrepreneur, and Amit Rathor, investor and serial entrepreneur, PressCoin completely democratizes news creation and dissemination and eliminates the era of fake news.

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