Project, anonymous instant messenger on the blockchain ADAMANT reached SoftCap ICO and released a version for iOS

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Nowadays, the protection of private or corporate data is a priority. Need to app for secure messaging is growing every day as consumers are looking for protection from hackers and surveillance.

Such an application should allow its users to securely share private information with friends and close relatives with employees and clients without fear that the transmitted data can be compromised.

Today, using one or another popular, and according to its creators, anonymous messenger, can we be sure that private life really is private? After gaining access to the address book, camera, microphone, location, camera roll, and identifying a user using the mobile phone number, email address or account in social networks, this app sends all this information on their servers, and it can then be used without the knowledge of its owners and transferred to third parties.

The existence of the technology of the blockchain allowed the founders of the project of ADAMANT to create a messenger, which due to its decentralized nature ensures that no connection between the message history and the individual: to identify the user is used only purse messenger, and the correspondence is stored in the blockchain. At the same time, it is the only messenger that operates entirely on the blockchain, and use it in part, in any specific order, as other similar messengers. ADAMANT – anonymous messenger, which is fully encrypted in the blockchain.

The concept of the project and characteristics of the messenger of ADAMANT

If to speak about the project brief, its creators introduced the world to a solution that will allow secure and anonymous messaging. All this will be possible through such major comparative advantages of the messenger of ADAMANT:

  • open access to code and blockchain messenger;

  • the message store not on the device or the server, but directly in the blockchain, hence the download of history messages;

  • the lack of user identification by phone number or email address, and access to the address book, location and other personal information on a mobile device;

  • encryption of messages is performed on the sender’s device, and the decryption occurs at the recipient;

  • execution of all work locally on the user’s device;

  • private user key is never sent to the client application;

  • The IP address of the user is impossible to obtain;

  • user accounts cannot be closed, to block or limit, even the developers.

Regarding other features of the messenger of ADAMANT it is also worth mentioning that to ensure the planned functionality within the messenger is not used blockchain Ethereum, and an independent blockchain, which is implemented through the expanded programme code project Lisk. Integrated payment system messenger will allow you to transfer tokens within the chat. For business, this feature will be a great opportunity for the implementation of secure transactions that will also be achieved through the transmission of messages and documents directly chat with their digital signature. Tokens of the project will also be used for payment of transaction fees in the framework of adamant.

The current stage of the design and development of project ADAMANT

The high volatility of cryptocurrency is that most of them backed by nothing except speculation. ADAMANT is a rare example of where the blockchain is really used and has already been implemented. Even ICO ADAMANT was not just the idea, like many other projects, and with the finished product, providing some of the announced functions of the messenger (messaging, reflection, contact list, etc.), which is implemented as a progressive web application for most modern browsers. That is, to test the messenger at the stage of presale could be anyone. And over the past few months the project has made significant progress in its development.

ADAMANT has successfully conducted the preliminary stage of sale of tokens, collecting about $500,000 and reaching the SoftCap. The amount raised will allow for the development of the basic functions of messenger, and will also provide infrastructure support to adamant. All funds to be invested in the project in the future, the ICO phase will be aimed at attracting the maximum number of users, and to accelerate the development of messenger.

Now the project is ahead of the Roadmap. Publication of messenger is ADAMANT for mobile iOS in accordance with the Road map was supposed to happen in the second quarter of 2018. To date, this version of ADAMANT for iOS has already been tested in the Apple TestFlight and available for installation. You just need to get the key tester, then install the TestFlight app in the AppStore, and at the end to enter the key.

At the moment (with 30.01.2018 for 30.03.2018) ADAMANT ICO is conducting in several stages, in each of which investors offered to buy tokens ADM at different prices. Until February 15 tokens of the project can be purchased for the price of 1 ADM = 0.002 ETH. Then before March 1, one ADM will cost 0.003 ETH. From March 1 to March 15, the price of the token will be 0.004 ETH. And from 15 March to 30 March, the cost 1. ADM will be 0.005 ETH. Thus, the sooner the investor acquires the token project, the better price it gets. In addition, for the storage of tokens in the wallets of ADAMANT will monthly be charged on the unsold ICO tokens are purchased in proportion to their number among all their holders. That is, the earlier acquired tokens, and the more they stored, the faster will increase their number in my wallet.

Project ADAMANT also offers a great Bounty campaign to support the messenger on various information resources and social networks. Also, got a referral (affiliate) campaign from ADAMANT, with which any participant will be able to attract investors and to 10% of the purchased tokens. For this you need to contact the project developers via messenger, to get a unique referral link, and then specify it on the information resource (blog, video, banner) on any page of the website ADAMANT.

More information about the project you can find on the official website ADMANT, Whitepaper, as well as on the project pages in all social networks.

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