Project status Bitcoin Cash by year-end

Appearing less than six months ago as a result of hard forks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) were able to survive and acquire your community and even begins to create its own infrastructure. In fact, Bitcoin Cash around the merged part of the community of Bitcoin do not agree with the development of Bitcoin Core. Joined team «protest» projects — Bitcoin Bitcoin Classic and Unlimited, as well as many supporters cancelled SegWit2x. Therefore, support for Cash Bitcoin, which is based on Chinese miners, much stronger than many beginners cryptocurrency projects.

For several weeks the price of Bitcoin Cash teetered in the area of $ 1,300, but this week it has significantly grown along with the rest of Althingi. On Thursday, the BCH price reached $2 000, and the coin is now trading around $1 800. This month, the cryptocurrency took fourth place in terms of market capitalization, which exceeded $ 31 billion, and is now fighting for third place with Ripple.

For a sufficiently long period, the dominant market in the sale of BCH was South Korea, but now its share in the total trading volume is about 20%.

At the moment the blockchain BCH is close to 30 000 units produced after hard forks August 1, 2017. Chain Bitcoin Cash now operates approximately 9% of the complexity of the Bitcoin blockchain and mining BCH periodically becomes more profitable mining BTC. The profitability of mining has stabilized after the November hard forks when the team bitcoin cash changed the algorithm complexity adjustment. Among the mining pools involved in the transaction processing network, the BCH includes all the basic Chinese pools: Antpool, BTCC,,, Viabtc,, and four anonymous miner.

Infrastructure development BCH

This week Bitcoin cash enlisted the support of building infrastructure from several sources. For example, the manufacturer of bicoloratum Lamassu has reiterated its support for the currency. Company cryptocurrency wallets Edge (ex Airbitz), has announced future integration of the BCH, and the most popular Blockchain Wallet 14 Dec launched full support for bitcoin cash.

In addition to these innovations, a company called Uquid has launched a debit card BCH. On the map you can place the funds in the BCH and use it to pay for everyday purchases and withdrawing cash from ATMs. However, while the card is not available in all countries.

It is also worth noting that recently the community BCH learned about the appearance of the technology of mixing coins Cash Shuffle-enhanced privacy of transaction.

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