«Pseudo-Satoshi» Craig Wright claims bitcoins from MtGox

Craig Wright (Craig Wright), previously declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto now claims that he owns the «survivors» bitcoins from MtGox, most of which controls the temporary managing Director at bankruptcy of the exchange.

This information was obtained from court documents filed by Ira Kleiman (Kleiman Ira), brother David Kleiman (David Kleiman), demonstrating the contracts and documents on the establishment of trust management, which has been shared Craig Wright. They argued that Wright participated in the loan agreements, supported bitcoin and other schemes for hundreds of thousands of bitcoins that were in the possession of the now bankrupt exchange.

Statements Ira Kleiman for the court, apparently based solely on unsubstantiated statements by Craig Wright, including two key documents that demonstrate
addresses, which according to Wright he owns.

Verification of these addresses indicates that they belong to MtGox. On the first one listed in the document address for short call 12, were transferred to 334 000 BTC in 2011. And funds received from another address MtGox, whose connection with the exchange was proven in 2014 then it was revealed that there are 200 000 BTC. Subsequently, the representatives of the exchange have acknowledged this link, and 200 000 BTC currently is owned by the Trustee in bankruptcy.

If we talk about the second address, for the sake of brevity, let’s call it the 12C, it is directly funded by the different address MtGox 1AY, whose connection with the exchange follows from inspection of the proof of solvency carried out by the stock exchange in 2011. It is confirmed that both of these addresses owns MtGox.

Address 1933 in the second «real proof», which according to Wright was in a trust owned by a third party, is actually very familiar to Bithynia who watched the collapse of the exchange. Funds for this address came from one of four addresses with 50,000 BTC in each, whose connection with MtGox has been proven and confirmed.

In 2014 bitcoins from this address have been subjected to a number of transactions mixing the Trustee in bankruptcy complicate its detection for those who are not familiar with the situation. However, a careful tracking of these addresses in the blockchain shows that there can be no doubt that they belong to MtGox, and Craig Wright is irrelevant to them.

Moreover, the submitted claim
Kleiman does not contain evidence that David Kleiman has owned any of these bitcoins, or that were owned by Craig Wright. The entire document and all the evidence based solely on claims on property of Craig Wright without any concrete evidence.

The only actual evidence of the claimed addresses belong to MtGox, not Craig Wright, David Kleiman or anyone else.

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