Puerto Rico creates a working group to review blockchain projects

The Department of economic development and Commerce of Puerto Rico (DDEC) initiated the establishment of the Advisory group on the blockchain in order to attract and promote the development of companies based on this technology, said Secretary of economic development and trade of the Manoel island of the Elbe river.

According to him, the group would include representatives from both the private and public sectors, the CIO of the government of Louis Arocho, his Commissioner of financial institutions George Joyner, and several engaged in bloccano entrepreneurs who recently moved to Puerto Rico.

«Recommendations of the Advisory group will be to distinguish the legitimate projects based on blockchain that will help solve the problems of the island, from projects that have no value,» reads the project description.

Rivera stressed that the Advisory group will also help the government to develop better regulations and legal frameworks to further support the blockchain. The island government also invited the entrepreneurs tax breaks, hoping that their activities will help to stabilize the local economy.

One of the first entrepreneurs who moved to the island – one of the founders of Tether Brock pierce. Bitmex researchers believe that the main and the reserve Bank of Tether Tether Noble International Bank located in Puerto Rico.

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