PwC: by 2020, the market will move to the blockchain solution

The Director of the Department of analysis and risk control consulting company PwC Russia Viktor Morozov said on the Blockchain Conference in Moscow that in 2020 the financial markets go to the blockchain solution.

Viktor Morozov:

«77% of our respondents plan to implement a productive use of technologies based on the blockchain by 2020. Remained two or three years until the moment when we see, for example, banking solutions, which go into commercial operation».

According to the representative of PwC, until the introduction of decentralized technologies hold the risk of destabilization, management, reliability and efficiency of internal operations for businesses. Business is also concerned about the potential impact on the market, establishing cooperation with other companies, plans for the development of technologies and the appropriateness of the technology.

Viktor Morozov: «the Blockchain should only be used when involved a large number of companies of relatively equal with respect to their economic, marketing system.»

Such companies, according to PwC, it is easier to build cooperation among themselves.

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