PwC’s testing analysis tool blockchain to track token-ICO

Auditing and consulting company Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) announced the testing tool to analyze the blockchain, is designed to track the trade of digital tokens since the launch of the ICO. PwC noted that the software will help planners and buyers to protect their tokens from illicit use.

PwC and her partner Eric young (Eric Young) said that the company seeks to benefit from growing interest in raising funds through IPOs tokens (ICO) among the enterprises in the sphere of production, technology and retail in Asia. Analysts believe that PwC hopes to capitalize on the migration of many Asian cryptocurrency companies in Hong Kong and Singapore due to regulatory pressure the Chinese authorities to industry ICO and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yang said the new Analytics tool will give the token issuers the ability to track their distribution after launch, which will allow the company to take measures to prevent their use in illicit transactions.

«While the blockchain, you can track the amount and number of transactions that were committed with the use of cryptocurrency, the Issuer token-ICO, there is no possibility to keep track of your coins and know how they are used,» said Yang. «Through the artificial intelligence built into our engine, our solutions enable customers to predict which jurisdictions may be circulated digital token. Depending on the type of company and type of business, the Issuer may apply an indicator of high risk for specific jurisdiction.»

In recent months, PwC has worked with companies seeking to launch ICO, advising them on legal issues, compliance policies, KYC/AML and tax structuring. In November last year, the Hong Kong office of PwC stated that accepting bitcoin as payment for consulting services, and in may 2017 PwC and Alibaba said
on the implementation of the blockchain in the processes of food delivery.

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