QC removes the moratorium on the sale of electricity to miners

According to the canadian news publication Le Journal, the energy Minister of Canada, Pierre Moreau (Pierre Moreau) will present a decree to regulate the sale of electricity to mining farms that in turn means the removal of the recently announced moratorium on the sale of electricity to miners.

In February, Moreau said that mining cryptocurrencies is necessary to control and regulate, otherwise it will absorb the rest of the activities.

To date, over 100 organizations with an annual energy consumption of more than 10 TWh, has expressed a desire to buy electricity from the supplier Hydro-Québec, which owns approximately 60 hydropower plants, generating about 13 TWh of surplus power.

According to Le Journal, no one anticipated such high demand. For example, in January this year, the General Director of Hydro-Québec Eric Martel (Eric Martel) stated that in the coming years, they expect sales of 5 TWh mining farms.

It is further reported that the decree sets different rates for miners. This will allow energy companies to practice «emergency unloading». In other words, if the electric network in Quebec will reach the maximum load, Hydro-Québec will be able to turn off the electricity to the mining companies, but not for more than 100-300 hours a year.

«The ability to disable some of our customers during peak network loads will ensure stability of power supply with maximum economic benefit», — said the representative of Hydro-Québec Marc-Antoine Pouliot (Marc-Antoine Pouliot).

In March of this year, the government of québec has stated that they are «not interested» in providing the cheap power miners, as the support cryptodevice at a discount and without any «value added» would adversely affect the local economy.

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