QIWI creates a blockchain-based platform for the manufacturers of drones

Daughter group of companies QIWI – QIWI Blockchain Technologies – participates in the development of blockchain-based platform for unmanned cargo transport SKYFсhain.

According to the representative SKYFchain Ilya Rodin, QIWI responsible for writing all of the code and the blockchain. To raise funds to create a platform SKYFchain intends to hold the ICO aims to raise $5-30 million

According to Rodina, trucks, drones in demand in remote areas where you can deliver the goods without resorting to costly flight helicopters, or serve as an alternative to long and unreliable transport of goods by road, as well as among representatives of the agricultural industry, which could use drones for pollination of crops by chemicals.

SKYFchain Department SKYF, engaged in the development and production of drones with a payload up to 250 kg and a range of up to 350 km with a load of 50 kg., the Developer of the platform SKYF — «experimental design Bureau «Evereste», created by a group of Russian investors.

QIWI Blockchain Technologies is engaged in the development and implementation of the blockchain in the payment ecosystem QIWI. The company is also involved in the development of blockchain platforms, conducting analysis and external consulting for outside organizations. QIWI Blockchain Technologies – the developer of the logistics blockchain-based platform for the FSUE «Morsviazsputnik».

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