QIWI will not implement the blockchain in their own processing

In the social investment forum, Director of technology of the company Qiwi Alex Arkhipov reported that the group of Qiwi companies refused from implementation of the technology of the blockchain in its own processing.

«We really came out with the idea of creation processing based on the technology of the blockchain. But in the process of creation we realized that the use of the blockchain that is internally does not make much sense. Blockchain brings value when it unites a large number of participants,» — said Arkhipov.

He noted that at the moment, Qiwi involved in the development of the Russian blockchain platform «Mastercam».

«Now there is an alternative project «Mastercam». I hope that the functionality that we wanted to get from the blockchain, we will get this project», — said Alexander Arkhipov.

Including the room where he mentioned that at the moment does not develop the project on creation of company’s own cryptocurrency due to the lack of necessary legislation.

«In terms of bigtrouble, technically we can produce the cryptocurrency but of course, the practical meaning it has in the absence of regulation. But I think the idea of digitizing currency, the idea of cryptorama still viable,» — said Arkhipov.

Earlier in the company Qiwi announced plans to transfer its own system of processing technology of distributed registries by 2021. The company also discussed the launch of its cryptocurrency. In 2015, the company has applied to the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) on registration of the trademark «Bigtrouble».

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