RAKIB create in Sevastopol kriptolodzhika

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) together with «Constants solutions Plus» intend to create kriptolodzhika in Sevastopol – a project aimed at the development of the technology of the blockchain in Russia.

«The project will be implemented in the shortest time by attracting foreign investment and in strict accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation», – reported by the developers of the investment.

«Part of Sevastopol in the program of digitalization of the Russian economy as advanced pilot platform due to a number of geopolitical factors. Due to the possibility of participation in the project structures, the Eurasian economic Union, BRICS, and any private investors, holders of the cryptocurrency to bypass international sanctions, will be provided international legitimation of the entire Crimean Peninsula,” say the authors of the investment.

In the framework of the project the technology of the blockchain will be implemented in the process of providing public services and ensuring the functioning on the Peninsula cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptomatic and regulated turnover of cryptocurrency.

«We are pleased that the Sevastopol was the first good platform to explore the possibilities of this technology. Our company believes that the implementation of the project kiptopeke will benefit a large number of state and financial structures that are more interested in the technology of the blockchain», – said General Director of the company for the development and implementation of blockchain technologies in the Russian market «Constants solutions Plus» Artem Kushnerik.

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