RAKIB creates «national mining pool» MineRussia

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) initiate draft national mining pool MineRussia, in which domestic miners will combine computing power. According to representatives of RAKIB, the new project will contribute to a more competitive position in the international market.

Among investors and co-founders of the project MineRussia co-owner and CEO of the corporate messenger Dialog Nikita goldsmith. According to him the development MineRussia plan to attract $4-5 million.

«While the situation in such a way that we feed the European and Asian mining pools, – said the Director of RAKIB Arseny Weltzin. Project MineRussia designed to combine not only the miners, but also those who are involved, for example, developing hardware and software for this sector.»

The main problems of the Russian mining market in MineRussia called the high cost of services of foreign pools, high ping, no Russian-language support and irregular payment.

Servers MineRussia will be arranged in Russia, as negotiations about connecting mining farms from China, Malaysia and Singapore. In the project expect that the number of equipment for mining MineRussia will be able to compete with large foreign market participants, including NanoPool, F2pool and AntPool.

According to the head of ANO «Law of robots» Nikita Kulikov, MineRussia participants will engage in cloud mining, which is an advantage in that the user doesn’t have to think where to take the equipment, place it, how much to pay for electricity, and operation, fire safety, repairs, security.

«The popularity of this type of mining given the excitement around cryptocurrencies is high, – says co-founder ModernToken Alexander Garkusha. But the idea of a single national pool is questionable, as the idea of any monopoly. It is wiser to enter mining in Russia in the legal field and allow the pools to compete with each other».

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