RAKIB: in 2018 the global market for ICO can grow four times

The Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) conducted a study which showed that the global market for ICO in 2018 could rise 2.7 to 4 times and reach $10-15 billion.

According to the researchers, in 2017 the amount raised during the ICO funds amounted to about $3.6 billion, which is 37.5 times more than in 2016. The Association’s specialists emphasize that the volume of ICO impact of legislative restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions in Asia, including bans in China and South Korea.

«The most anticipated in 2018 it is believed the ICO Telegram and TON. During the pre-sale of tokens is a project of Pavel Durov has raised $850 million from 81 investors. This year ICO has also planned a Kodak and the government of Venezuela,» – said Vice-President RAKIB Denis Dosnow.

However, Telegram has already held two rounds of closed sales of tokens and can fully abandon the public ICO.

The study notes that in the case of the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Russia will be lifted reputational risks to investors and then ICO will be able to go hi-tech companies from «ablackcar economy and even the real sector».

However, representatives of RAKIB believe that if at the legislative level will be limits on the amount of investments qualified investors in the framework of the ICO (not more than 50 thousand rubles), the Russian market will lose some investors who can go on competing markets in foreign jurisdictions.

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