RAKIB: in the Crimea will create a regional cryptocurrency

In the Crimea will create a regional cryptocurrency, said Yuri Pripachkin — President, Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB), which prepares the project for its implementation.

«We are now preparing the program of development of Crimea on the basis of technology of the distributed registry, and artificial intelligence. It will include the provision of various services, both public and private, on the basis of the blockchain, create your own Crimean cryptocurrency, establishing a mechanism for the ICO needed by the Crimean company», – he said.

Head RAKIB stressed that the program will be legally issued after the adoption of Federal laws on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

«As I understand it, by the summer the state Duma plans to accept these bills. After that we will look at how to promote the program,» he said.

In turn, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov said that the emergence in Russia of a national cryptocurrency should not count in the next two years.

«But if it appears – and this topic is still alive and is being worked on, something must be provided for any liquid asset and konrolirovat of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation», – he said on the sidelines of the Yalta international economic forum.

He does not exclude the creation in the Crimea of the specialized exchanges to trade cryptocurrency, but believes mining in the region unprofitable due to electricity shortages.

«Mining for Crimea illusion, but the ICO and the crypto currency exchange is very real. I know that the profile of the organization in full working on this issue», – said Aksakov.

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