RAKIB launches competence center in Saratov

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) in cooperation with the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, regional government and the business community will open a representative office and a local competence center in the Saratov region, which will be engaged, including the development of mining in the region. This was stated by Director RAKIB Arseny Weltzin at the discussion site «Digital region: prospects of development» held in the framework of the Saratov economic forum.

«The main objective of competence centre – establish a system for collecting and testing the best software engineering practices to improve the efficiency of mining process. In a situation of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market most of the miners are thinking about optimizing their work. Recent studies have shown that the use of advanced software-engineering practices can improve the efficiency of mining up to two times», – he said.

The forum participants debated on the theme «digital economy» and its legislative regulation. According to the adviser of the President of the German athletes economic growth is possible only with the dynamic development of the regions.

«Every region has talented people who can create the analogue of SKOLKOVO and Innopolis. And it all depends on the willingness of local authorities to support such people. In Saratov region there are excellent institutes and universities, graduates of IT departments are highly skilled professionals. Good medical cluster», – he stressed.

According to the Vice-President trading-industrial chamber Maxim Fateyev, creating projects in the field of «digital economy» entrepreneurs are waiting for a legislative solution to the issue.

«We know what the ICO on how this theme works, but unfortunately, still legally this issue is not regulated in the Russian Federation», – he reminded.

The artist asked the Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaeva to support entrepreneurs implementing projects in the digital economy.

«I appeal to the public authorities, first and foremost, to you Valery, to support those projects that relate to the figures from the regional government and regional Parliament,» – said Fateev.

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