RCC: Working on the quantum bloccano in Russia will be completed in 2019

Industrial refinement and technology of the blockchain using the quants should be completed in 2019. This was announced by the head of the group of quantum communications of the Russian quantum center (RCC) Yuri Kurochkin in the framework of the conference «Digital industry industrial Russia» (CIPROFLOXACIN-2018).

«On completion of the industrial improvements of the quantum blockchain will take approximately one year. Thus, the industrial version of the technology is expected in 2019. In 2017, the developers tested a quantum blockchain together with Gazprombank. Now we need to develop this software to industrial implementation, choosing practical tasks», – he said.

We are talking about testing the new blockchain in a three-node quantum network between branches of Gazprombank in Moscow. One of the members of the network played the role of a hacker, but no hacking attempts failed.

The developer said the uniqueness of Russian scientists invented a technology that, in the case of the creation of quantum computers (what the scientists were working virtually around the world) attackers can crack online wallets, blockchain-backed, the main advantage of which is now the security.

«Protection of the blockchain with quantum mechanisms eliminates this» – said Kurochkin.

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