Reddit stopped using bitcoin in their bonus program

Despite all the group Telegram, channels, Discord and many other alternatives, Reddit remains a leading forum for the better part of the bitcoin community, especially for new users who first learn about the concept. The site is a large part of the discussions around bitcoin and what is happening on Reddit, can affect the operation of the industry.

The administration of the site Reddit removed the ability to reward users internal bonus points Reddit gold using bitcoins. Reddit gold is a premium program for users of the site, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy special benefits and features and also helps companies find themselves in financial difficulty, to support the work of their servers.

After the innovation was noticed by the moderator of /r/btc
Bitcoinxio, it became clear that it was caused by the recent emergence of Coinbase Commerce. The user emoney04 explained: «the Imminent change in the policy of Coinbase, combined with some errors if you choose payment in bitcoins, which prevented to make purchases a number of users, led to the destruction of bitcoin as a payment option. We’re going to track demand and monitor Coinbase Commerce before you make a decision on whether to resume payment in bitcoin».

In addition to resolving the aforementioned payment options, the administration also removed one of the subreddits where some users were tracking methods to spend money with utmost confidentiality. The subreddit r/Darknetmarkets, which focuses on the anonymous darknet markets, was closed by administrators. It happened because of a violation of «the policy against Reddit deals with prohibited goods or services.»

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