Refused to work with cryptocurrencies Rabobank fined $369 million for money laundering

The largest Bank in the Netherlands Rabobank, who refused last week to deal with cryptocurrency companies because of the high risk, fined $369 million for laundering «dirty» money.

On the Rabobank website still have a page warning about «possible dangers» associated with the cryptocurrency.

According to many news channels, the California division of Rabobank admitted its involvement in unlawful activities, for which he will pay a multimillion-dollar fine. California authorities believe that Radobank is one of the chain links, through which laundered money for Mexican drug cartels.

In particular, the Associated Press reports that a subsidiary of the Dutch Bank agreed to accept the fact that for several years has been the funds received from the illegal drug trade. The sum of «dirty money» estimated at $369 million.

As it turned out, the illegal activities of the Bank have not prevented him from having a critical opinion in relation to digital currencies and afford loud statements about the associated high risks.

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