Regulators of Poland paid for the campaign against cryptocurrency in social networks

Financial regulators in Poland have spent taxpayers ‘ money on an advertising campaign to Youtube and Facebook, the purpose of which was to discredit the investment in cryptocurrencies. Thus the authorities tried to change public opinion and turn people against investment in cryptocurrency, using popular blogs.

Poland Central Bank (NBP) in cooperation with the financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) has paid more than 90 000 PLN for an online campaign against the investment into the cryptocurrency. 8 Dec humorous Marcin Dubiel channel with more than 900,000 subscribers, has emerged a rather ridiculous video called «I lost all the money?!», where investments in the cryptocurrency were portrayed in a negative light.

The video, which has over half a million hits, marked by the hashtag #uważajnakryptowaluty that is associated with the website under the leadership of the NBP and the KNF. The portal stated that «Virtual currency is not money.»

As noted
local media, Youtube was not the advertising labels and in the description also makes no mention of the fact that he is part of a campaign paid for NBP. This video was also published on Polish channel Planeta Faktów on Youtube.

In addition, judging by the quality of content and its distribution, a negative campaign aimed at young people. After one user sent in a question about NBP of this campaign, representatives of the Central Bank in a letter dated February 9 confirmed that the «carried out the campaign in the direction of the cryptocurrency in social networks».

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