Released version RC1 technology Lightning Network

Technology Network Lightning appeared in the RC1 version and preparing to launch a beta version in the core network of Bitcoin. Today is the most anticipated technological innovation to Bitcoin, a so-called solution to the «second level». With Lightning the user will be almost free to perform a huge number of transactions outside of the blockchain.

Beta for mainnet should appear a little later, but users can already appreciate the benefits of technology. Platform in the test network for transactions Lightning allows you to create a wallet and obtain an idea about how technology works with test bitcoins (tBTC). Transactions take a few seconds.

Each advance in the development of Lightning – positive information for investors who want to focus on bitcoin as a payment means in addition to its use as an investment tool. This will allow bitcoin again to break away from the nearest competitor, Bitcoin Cash.

As soon as the cryptocurrency attracts new users, transaction fees continues to grow and this month exceeded 1000 Satoshi per byte, which led to the disappointment of many users and services moving to other cryptocurrencies.

Commenting on the prospects of the project the following year, co-founder of Lightning Elizabeth stark said she is «looking forward to more, something that has never been done before».

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