Remy Kyrion: the anonymity of Bitcoin is a myth

According to senior scientist of Quebec rémi Kirion (Rémi Quirion) blame Bitcoin is that it accounts for the lion’s share of the illegal transactions is at least silly.

Kyrion believes that the transparency of Bitcoin transactions is not inferior to traditional money. If purchasing bitcoins is used as a platform to obtain information about the buyer will be quite simple, even if he tried to hide his data. Oh, and then to trace the chain of transfers that are recorded in a public blockchain is only a matter of technology. Thus, anonymity may not be considered.

Even despite the fact that the system uses aliases, and the fact that the whole system is decentralized transactions are not completely anonymous.

Dr. Kyrion sure that the transparent nature of Bitcoin, where transactions are recorded in a public blockchain and distributed over the network, is not the ideal platform for anonymous criminal activity.

«Bitcoin itself is not breaking the law. Illegal transactions made using Bitcoin are only a tiny part of the shadow, which circulate throughout the planet.»

Despite the fact that these statements contradict the established opinion that Bitcoin is mostly used by criminals, the scientist urged investors to exercise due diligence, as the ultimate responsibility lies with them.

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