Rentberry service of rental housing on smart contracts

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Sooner or later we wonder: «What to prefer – to take the housing to rent or to buy own house?». Each of us makes a choice depending on your priorities, goals, and opportunities. Traditional ideas about adult and successful human life is, first and foremost, buy their own homes. But low income potential buyers, along with a relatively high real estate prices, affect the final choice.

According to research by the Washington Post, housing prices in the United States over the past century, growing at an average of 0.3% per year. Therefore, world practice shows that every year more and more people inclined to rent property.

The rental property has its positive side. First, we are talking about mobility. If the type of activity or high demands on apartments cause a person to frequently change residence, then, at the expiration of the lease, he is entitled to start the search for a new home.

Secondly, renting is the lack of most domestic issues. The landlord himself is obliged to monitor the condition of their property, which greatly saves the time and money of the tenant.

Unfortunately, most people still face many challenges in the lease. Anyone who wants to rent an apartment or a house, expect a lot of pitfalls that arise in the process of selecting real estate. An independent search of the apartment — the task is quite time consuming, therefore people often resort to services of specialized agencies that take care of all, but, of course, work on Commission. But the essence of the lease denies any additional costs! Therefore, the tenants find new, alternative ways to find and rent an apartment.

One of such ways is Rentberry. Based on the blockchain and smart contracts platform brings together property owners and tenants in one place. It helps you quickly and most importantly efficiently carry out all the procedure of rent – from search and ad placement prior to the signing of contracts and payment. The main advantage of Rentberry – the absence of any intervention of third parties and intermediaries. Discussion and implementation of all the above operations takes place directly between the parties of the lease agreement. Rentberry allows tenants and landlords to maintain constant communication online. Currently the platform has about 120 thousand users and 224 of thousands of active listings covering over 5,000 cities in the United States.

Read more about the platform you can know in this video.

The principle of operation of the platform Rentberry

The platform acts in an auction format that allows property owners to quickly choose a suitable candidate, and tenants – in a timely manner to complete information about the ongoing situation on the market and freely negotiated the terms of the lease online.

Smart contracts Ethereum Solidity/ERC-20 provide a complete automation of bureaucratic procedures, and payment ACH lets you instantly connect your Bank accounts and make payments.

Payment of rent and the establishment of real estate prices are due to currency Rentberry – BERRY tokens. This currency is as safe as possible and can be purchased using BTC or ETH. To buy tokens that are on a dedicated platform Сryptonomos.

Sale token BERRY has already started. It is known that the maximum investment amount is $ 30 million. At first, the company plans to raise $3 000 000. The minimum purchase amount of tokens will be 250 BERRY. The sale will include 5 stages, during which you can earn special bonuses. Detailed information can be found on the platform’s website in the section Token Sale.

The proceeds from the sale BERRY

Community Rentberry should understand how funds will be distributed from the sale. They will be spent on the development of the it sector (30%), marketing activities (20%), partnership development (15%), access to foreign markets (12.5%), administration (10%), Fund of development of strategic relations (5%), legal support (5%) and the program Bug Bounty (of 2.5%).

Thanks to the Bug Bounty program, each user of the platform can earn more tokens BERRY, performing tasks in Facebook, Twitter or Telegram. Details about the program provided in section Bounty Campaign on the platform.

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