Report on the conference «Cryptospace» in SKOLKOVO

8 December 2017 on a platform in the Campus of Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO hosted the global conference on blockchain and cryptocurrency — «Cryptospace». Among the invited speakers was made by crypto-entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from America, Asia and Europe: William Magyar, famous canadian author of several books on the blockchain, Eric GU, the founder of the Metaverse, Brent Nielson, Director of the Blockchain Academy in new York, Christophe van de REK, Director of the European office NEM Foundation, Richard Kastelein, the Creator of the Blockchain News, Miko Matsumura — partner Pantera Capital.

Performances were held simultaneously in four halls. In the framework of the conference were discussed the following global questions and issues:

  • The introduction of the blockchain (it said Director of Sberbank CIB Sergey Polikanov, as well as invited speakers mark AUX-Voice, Brian Nielsen);

  • Due diligence of ICO projects (among the speakers were the CEO Kick ICO Anti Danilevsky and Vice-President Tokenmarket Ryan Henley);

  • Cryptotrading (this topic is discussed Peter Sin, co-founder of Digital Currency Sub-Committee in Singapore, Philip Yang, founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange);

  • Cryptocurrency (with its presentations were made by Roel Wolff, founder of Bancor guy Benartzi, Hartej Sony);

  • How to prepare for the ICO (the topic was opened by Artem Tolkachev, Ryan Hanley, Adam S., field);

  • The blockchain and the media (in the section were made by the journalists of the Bitcoin Magazine, the American Forbes and other publications).

  • Also, on the site of the conference was attended by a large number of potential investors and several startup teams presenting their projects.

    The conference was opened by one of the most influential thought leaders in the field of blockchain – William Magyar. In his view, the blockchain – the technology of storing and processing data that is able to transform the world around us. Also, the event featured a presentation of the Russian edition of the book «Blockchain for business».

    The introduction of the blockchain

    About implementation of the blockchain in Russia, said the adviser of the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Demin, who is the expert working group on the use of the blockchain in the field of public administration. In the framework of the speech were presented the project «Russian register», which allows to achieve decentralized data storage, external audit, ensuring the integrity and immutability of information, the formation of a new process model.

    «If we put all the information about the country on the blockchain, it could not be deleted or rewritten. We obtain a system with protected information» – Vladimir Demin. It is not excluded that in the future the blockchain will be transferred to the Federal service for state registration, taxation and elections.

    Christophe van de Rivers, the head of the NEM Foundation in Europe, whose activities are connected with the introduction of the NEM blockchain in business, government agencies, and the development of educational activities, told about the creation of applications on the blockchain and smart contracts and support the activities of developers in this region because international cryptopleura NEM build the world.

    «The blockchain is not only a revolution in the financial field, is a revolution in the world.» The project team is working on two main products are the NIS (NEM Infrastructure server infrastructure NEM) and NCC (NEM Community Client, the client community NEM). As soon as they are developed, will be one of the most advanced decentralized blockchains in the world. The code is written from scratch in Java and Javacript (NCC) and has advanced innovation in server technology of the blockchain, such as the algorithm of the proof of importance (POI), account rules and Eigentrust ++ list.

    If to speak about the opportunities these applications, for example, a modular system Smart Asset from NEM allows companies to create incredible opportunities for the use of applications in the real world. Using built-in functions NEM to identify your intellectual assets and their associations, you can represent almost any system of a business transaction on the blockchain.

    Such applications can do many of the operations safer, easier and faster. Currently being worked on-chain off-chain and concurrent transactions.

    «We should not overestimate the blockchain, we have to develop standardization protocols, and probably it will take a couple of years, but it is now clear what a huge opportunity this will be followed by» said Christophe van de Rivers.

    Invited speaker from Gibraltar mark AUX-Voice told about the active work on introduction of new technologies in the country, as well as the holding of ICO within Gibraltar company Group Limited, which is currently engaged in 30тью projects. From the speech it became clear that the Gibraltar government was very interested in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and is considering the most favourable conditions for developers.

    Further, a question was raised about digital identity in the blockchain. As a beginning, said one of the biggest ICO and crypto investors of China, CEO of Metaverse Foundation Eric GU:

    «I am confident that by combining efforts we will be able to significantly speed up and even revolutionize the development industry.»

    At the moment, the Chinese government prohibited any operations with cryptocurrencies for organizations and carrying out ICO, but, according to Eric GU, this is temporary until you have developed a clear regulations controlling the growing field. Also, the speaker spoke about the development and implementation of the project Metaverse. The aim of which is creation of the infrastructure «System of values» by combining digital asset, digital identity on a decentralized open platform with intelligent features and digital identity, which develops the concept of Smart property. The whole platform is based on the public blockchain technology. Project Metaverse is headed Chinese company specializing in digital blockchain assets in China.

    Their position was made by Eduard Gurinovich, CEO and founder of MyTime, offering more time to devote to learning and outlining the prospect of turning education into a system based on the blockchain: «the Blockchain is a revolution in itself, so no need to implement it everywhere. The main asset which has always been and remains — people. So, we need to change people, and the technology of the blockchain which can be used to bring to life. If you implement decentralized education on the blockchain, we will get objective University rankings, student evaluations, a single educational courses and much more.»

    Position of the savings Bank, which was designated General Director of Sberbank CIB Sergey Polikanov, in the aspect of implementation of the blockchain at the moment not entirely clear. On the one hand are involved in active research in this area, as on the basis of the blockchain it is possible to build a lot of projects of innovative character, but it is not clear what will become of the final product. Sergei Polikanov explained that it is planned to speed up the process all of the transactions made, as well as bring safety to a new level, using the blockchain. The amount of information about the participants and the operations themselves will be monitored by the Bank.

    About the effect of the appearance of the blockchain in the financial market in his speech, said a leading expert of the financial applications of the blockchain and computerized trading Anton Golub. At the moment when it comes to operations in the financial market, there is transparency and full credibility. When performing any financial transactions there are a large number of intermediaries, and the most important participants are in a corner and have almost no influence on the situation.

    «Why, when I send money to my father, he has to wait 2 days until the Bank processes the transaction, and this term is not provided any information on the status of the procedure?». The idea, which is implemented by Lykke Corp – to eliminate the middlemen from the chain of transactions in the financial market.

    Panel discussion on the political aspects of the implementation of the blockchain

    The discussion touched on the themes of control of the means received by the miners, and the security of transactions between cryptocurrencies. On this point the speakers were of one mind that without the regulator the activity can not leave, and hardly any state support is so «free» financial system. According to Eduard Gurinovich problem in the high volatility and speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, in such circumstances, it cannot be like Vietnam currencies. «We consider that in a couple years will be a stable cryptocurrency that will not be so volatile,» commented mark AUX-Voice. And therefore, we cannot discard the prospect of using cryptocurrency in everyday life to pay for certain products and services.

    Then we are talking about the blockchain, as a technology for decentralized data storage. Despite sustaining innovations all speakers participating in a panel discussion and expressed the opinion that the state should deal with the introduction of the blockchain, some had doubts whether all have access to all information. European colleagues have proposed the idea – in the transparent economy that allows you to organize the blockchain, some wallets go private and the rest public. Because, for example, as an individual do not want in the public domain to provide information on minor acquisitions and expenditures. Then the question remains, where is the border in private and open areas.

    Brian Nielsen noted that the state which first coined favorable conditions for the development and operation of the blockchain, will be several steps ahead of the rest.

    Eduard Gurinovich: «to Ban the blockchain is all the same what to forbid to use the Internet».

    The attitude of all the speakers the speakers to the blockchain is clear – when there is a new technology to improve and simplify existing economic processes, it does not need to be fenced off, but also apply to all areas too, should not rush.

    The blockchain and the media

    In the section Media, PR and marketing on the blockchain made by such famous figures as John Riggs, OMRI Ross, Dmitry Polyakov, Katya Sidorenko. They discussed the topics of the blockchain and smart contracts with digital publishers, and media and marketing in the blockchain, as well as the attitude of the authorities and the crypto community.

    Dr. OMRI Ross, is a serial entrepreneur and a lecturer on the technology of the blockchain, spoke about the importance of preparing the White Paper of projects coming to ICO. This is a key document for investors considering the potential of the startup.

    John Riggs, to date, lead author of the Bitcoin Magazine, one of the most influential media about cryptocurrencies, said the direct impact of the media on people’s attitudes to developing industry and the importance of proper preparation of materials and collaboration of projects and media.

    We cannot underestimate the influence of the media on people today. The largest bacchanalia or ICO projects «shot» after they wrote about the world of publishing and well-known bloggers. You need to understand that these people will not build your business for you, but they can help the project to either fly or fall.

    How to prepare for ICO

    ICO is a technology that is growing rapidly and enjoys a great popularity. In the sector of preparations for the ICO made their presentations, many well-known relevant to this area of the speakers. For example, unsuccessful projects ICO dismantled Australian entrepreneur, founder of, co-founder ICOpromo. Sergey Sinenko, but about the path to the ICO from the perspective of marketing told the Vice-President blockchain in Adam field.

    With a presentation on the overview of possible models of structuring of licensee made head of the blockchain-the laboratory of legal practice and Deloitte, Artem Tolkachev, the Chairman of the Board of the Blockchain Community of Russia, expert of a number of public associations included in the working groups of a number of Executive agencies and leading commercial organizations involved in study technology.

    At the moment, there are many botched ICO, so it is important to have a clear model of training and conducting such an event. Artem Tolkachev noted that an important aspect is the creation of self-regulatory organizations to develop standards in the field reporting, law, taxation and accounting procedures of client identification and verification business for the purposes of the initial placement of tokens (ICO) and the blockchain.

    Cryptocurrency and cryptotrading

    Today cryptotrading is one of the most discussed topics in the financial world, none of the financial investment has not brought these «x’s» in such a short time. This section was discussed: would it be possible to capitalize on this in the next year? On which exchanges and why you should play? In this section the representatives of the largest-circulation Asian kryptomere – Binance and Bitflyer and well-known crypto-traders — Peter Shin and Ashton Addison.

    The role of crypto-currencies on the world markets was dismantled Ted Lin, involved in the development of markets Binance one of the largest kryptomere Asia today. Currently on the market are more than 1300 coins (tokens), and this proposal only 3% are attractive for purchase.

    «Capitalization of the market will grow, because the amount of cryptocurrency is increasing». It is clear that for such a rapidly growing unstable market you need a tool that allows users a safe and convenient exchange of digital currencies.

    «If you choose the right cryptocurrency, it is possible for a short time to build up a very large capital. We provide liquidity for more than 50%. Technology is rapidly evolving, that’s what we are guided to become the industry leader. We will continue to comply with state regulation, to the maximum extent to ensure the interests of our investors. Thus, the cryptocurrency industry is going through a healthy and sustainable way,» says Ted Lin.

    When choosing a stock exchange for trading should pay for removing high liquidity, and most importantly safety, which in part is characterized by the correct selection cryptotoken.

    Ted Lin boldly stated its position: «I Think that by 2019, cryptocurrency will conquer the whole world». To date, a surprisingly small number of people owns the cryptocurrency, just a few million, but if continued exponential growth of the market, then this situation will quickly change.

    Simon Dixon — one of the most well-known expert, the founder of the platform to invest more than $190 million in a FINTECH company, has told, why considers the area of cryptocurrency is so promising. «Why bitcoin topped 15K and will not stop at this level? Increased demand from all over the world and while not everyone can buy it, done it.» According to Simon, bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in the world that is not controlled by someone has a reasonable monetary policy and secured the world’s largest network of computer capacity. The current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency according to captainvalor is a direct proof of the uncontrolled nature of bitcoin. The money supply grows with the demand growth.

    Also, Simon noted the shortcomings of the current financial system: «the Reason that we have financial problems that we got in a few decades a Ponzi scheme, where in order to have a developed economy, we should have more debt.»

    Thus, modern money is debt, and more stimulating of economic activity, the government needs to take on more debt, individuals have to take on more debt, companies also need to take on even greater debt load. The innovation of the blockchain could be the solution to the double-spending problem and the debt. «To have a sustainable and debt-free economy is required to use a decentralised currency, such as bitcoin,» says Simon Dixon.

    Theme token on the basis of the assets disclosed Tobias Reichmuth which passion refers to the blockchain and scriptactive and firmly believes in the power of the ICO project, which will change the current method of obtaining access to financing companies. And despite the fact that Tobias believes in the continued growth of bitcoin, notes high risks of cryptocurrencies, and his idea is to stabilize the industry, but not a regulation, and the creation of a diversified Fund, which is based on the index of cryptocurrency and «investing in the largest market capitalization and liquidity virtual currency».

    This diversification will lead to lower levels of volatility while maintaining the benefits derived from the high growth rates of the value of the cryptocurrency.

    Another interesting question raised in this section, the «Regulation through the SEC ICO», under which a lawyer specializing in US securities — Katrina Arden — explained details of the regulation of the sale tokens in the United States.

    It is known that the American Commission on securities and exchange (SEC) 25 July 2017 gave their formal assessment of ICO. According to the regulator the tokens should apply the rules valid for the ordinary shares of companies during their IPO. Katrina explained that not all startups should be afraid of the SEC in America, because not all tokens of projects coming to the ICO have the same properties that fall under their jurisdiction, though there were cases when the SEC sought the return of the full amount of collected funds to investors. The main thing to be careful with the release of the so-called security token, and in compliance with all rules when you create a White paper and conduct of the ICO.

    The goal of any state, anyway, is to protect the citizens. Therefore, if in some area investors begin to lose large sums of money, the government does not leave it without attention.

    In the opinion of all the speakers in this section the speakers the future of cryptocurrency and bloccano, but for the introduction and development of new technologies takes time. As there is no unified regulatory mechanism of the region, the bulk of the population will not be involved in cryptoamnesia, but the rate in which cryptocurrency seized the media and the financial sector, speaks for itself.

    Startups at the conference

    The winner of the competition of stands carried out in the framework of the conference, Sal project The team presented the platform to attract investment for the project through ICO and crowdfunding, project management using built-in smart contracts and digital documents, making DNA certificates, registered in the blockchain, to organize registers of property rights to open multi-currency and crypto to manage accounts via the mobile app.

    Also, it is worth noting that the conference was attended by a large number of Russian startups that have developed ICO. Among such projects we can mention some of the most interesting ideas.

  • The project «Crypterium» is a mobile scriptbank that allows to conduct payments through a smartphone and pay cryptocurrency for the real thing around the world. The project cooperates with the largest banks. The project aims to make affordable and convenient instant payments cryptocurrency without limitation, and loans anywhere in the world the Application is equipped with an internal exchange to enhance liquidity and reduce risk. Official token sale starts October 31 and ends January 13, 2017.

  • The FinTab project is an analytical system, which is a service financial accounting cryptocurrency. Separately developed adaptation for funds, traders and investors, including various opportunities. Start ICO scheduled for the 14th of December 2017

  • DEEX is a platform for trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The team plans to 2019 to make DEEX fully functional decentralized ecosystem including: cryptocurrency exchange the secure messenger platform for conducting the ICO with escrow decentralized, crypto-cards and the ATM system. The project showed good results charges on presale, amounting to 3 410 ETH.

  • The conference was also attended by the entrepreneurs in the field of development and improvement of mining, one of the most important aspects of expanding the cryptocurrency industry. One of these projects can be noted BitCluser. The company offers a customized platform for miners and also provides rental equipment.

    The results of the conference

    Cryptospace became one of the biggest conferences of the year, held in Russia. The number of participants was proof of the high interest of investors, governments, large and small organizations to new technologies and emerging industry.

    IT Director and CMO KickICO Yuri Parsamov told that the main goal of the conference was the delicious people that essentially make the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    «A boundary-political, economic — DNA cryptocurrencies. I’m not saying that there is no need to regulate bitcoin and completely forget about the role of government in people’s lives. The future lies in the cooperation of the state and our industry. The essence of technology, which we are now discussing is a fair consensus algorithm, which will be achieved if the blockchain will be attended by representatives of different countries» — stated Yuri Parsamov.

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