Residents of Arizona will be able to pay taxes in cryptocurrency 2020

Arizona will become the first state in the United States, whose residents will be able to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies. The bill was presented on 10 January. On 8 February he was supported by 16 senators, opposed by 13. Now the bill will be sent to the House of representatives of Arizona for further consideration.

If the bill is passed, the relevant changes to the legislation will be introduced by 2020. Under the bill, receiving payments in the cryptocurrency for «taxes, or any fines and penalties,» the Department of revenue of the state of Arizona will be required to convert it to US dollars within 24 hours.

«This is one of many developed by our bills, which sends a signal to all in the United States and perhaps around the world that Arizona will become open to the blockchain and the digital currencies,» – said one of the bill’s authors, representative of the Republican party Jeff Weninger.

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