Retail chain DMM launched Japan’s first farm for industrial mining

The company DMM announced the launch of a large scale mining farm in Kanazawa (Japan). The DMM plans, the Japanese giant of e-Commerce, the deployment of such farms outside of the country, and creating a private mining pool.

The company representatives said that the DMM manages large-scale mining capacity, unmatched in Japan. Favorable climatic area in which the farm is located, as well as purchases of cheap electricity will allow us to maximize revenue from mining cryptocurrency.

The farm, according to the creators, will be transformed into an outdoor exhibition space for visitors, which since March this year, visitors will be able to make excursions.

The farm plans to produce several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The value of the mined coins will be the main criterion for final selection, said company representatives.

It is reported that the farm is equipped with ASIC-device not named the Chinese manufacturer with hasraton 650 MH/s (probably intended for Litecoin mining) with a power consumption of 750 watts, and GPU-Assembly of the 12 cards, which give about 300 MH/s on the algorithm Ethash and consume about 2 KW.

Statement about plans to start mining business was made by the company last fall. Later there was opened laboratory of Mining DMM Labo, specializing in the development and study of crypto systems.

It should be recalled that the DMM has previously launched its own cryptocurrency exchange, supporting 7 and 14 of cryptocurrency trading pairs.

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