Review Elina Sidorenko about the presence of illegal content in the blockchain

Head of the working group of the State Duma of the Russian Federation estimated the risk of cryptocurrency circulation Elina Sidorenko commented to the correspondent results conducted in Germany, studies about the presence in the Bitcoin blockchain prohibited content.

Does the emergence of the blockchain prohibited materials threatened the entire industry of crypto-currencies and blockchain?

«The blockchain is a decentralized network that is impossible to test for the presence of so-called harmful elements. The emergence of the blockchain hazardous materials gives the state reason to ban this technology.

The fact that Russia and several other countries have signed the Convention, which prohibits the trafficking of pornography. Also States have identified the ways of preventing this kind of crime. These include blocking websites and technologies that allow you to distribute prohibited content. That is, the state has every reason to block the Bitcoin, if it is determined that a system of distributed registries with impunity spreading pornography. To prove otherwise will be difficult, because the blockchain now is beyond the right margin.

No country in the world, including Japan, to date, not thinking about creating criteria for new technologies. It is therefore important to determine the standard of the blockchain, to develop a system of administration and to understand how it is possible to isolate the blockchain is artificially introduced there content. Until we can answer these questions, we have the right to restrain the proliferation of pornography through the adoption of a number of repressive measures on the part of all States at once.»

What is the responsibility of the users for the content added to the chain blockchain?

«In Russia, people who disseminate prohibited materials through the blockchain, unable to prosecute on two counts. On the one hand, it is a computer crime that is associated with the modification information. On the other — illicit manufacturing and trafficking of pornographic materials.

I believe that investigating authorities are required to develop an algorithm for division situations where a person intentionally using a particular transaction transmits prohibited content, and when that happens against his will. Unfortunately, still not developed a serious evaluation criteria how the information is transferred from one person to another, and in this situation we should assess the will of man to the transfer of this information.»

Probably a similar opinion is expressed by most professional lawyers that focus on the current legislation. A similar study can become, if not the cause, the reason for imposing severe restrictions on the public block chain. But you must understand that applying similar arguments can be forbidden to work with any public blockchains, including non-financial nature.

The inability to change any information once entered is a key feature of the technology of the blockchain that make it unique. If you type in a hypothetical «adjustable» blockchain the ability to change previously made to him information of any kind (which in the classic block chain is fundamentally impossible without rebuilding chains), it will automatically make the blockchain is useless, deprived of its main advantages over classical databases. This means that the block chain needs special regulations. It should take into account the fact that to pull from the blockchain «forbidden» content special technical knowledge is required and that means he is not at all is there free to access. In the end, everything will depend on the approach and intentions of the government in respect of the blockchain, but not in the long-known fact potential presence in any blockchain «outside» information.

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