Ripple suggested that two American exchanges, the millions of dollars for the listing XRP

According to the report
China Ripple are willing to pay millions of dollars for the listing of its cryptocurrency XRP on the most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. In particular, Ripple has offered «financial incentives» for exchanges Gemini and Coinbase in exchange for a listing. Equity markets payment listing – common, but this phenomenon is rarely seen in unregulated cryptocurrency markets. At least, this information rarely becomes public.

According to the newspaper, the Ripple has offered $ 1 million to the stock exchange for the listing of Gemini in the third quarter of 2017 and offered liquidity in XRP for $ 100 million Coinbase exchange through which investors could trade on the exchange. The report said that Ripple would take to repay the loan traditional currencies or XRP that would allow the exchange to make a profit from the transaction.

The representative of the Ripple is partially rejected these assumptions, making Bloomberg a very vague statement: «We want the XRP was the most liquid digital asset, allowing faster and cheaper to make international payments».

While market participants fear that when American policy will clarify the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, XRP will fall under the definition of securities.

It is not that traders do not want the appearance XRP exchanges – they repeatedly expressed their support on forums and social networks. However, Ripple has not yet managed to get to the main cryptocurrency trading platform USA.

According to Autonomous Research, listing on the exchange can cost the Issuer between 1 and 3 million dollars, the higher the price, the liquid room. The lawyer who gave the review for publication, said that the proposal to Gemini Ripple and Coinbase can be legitimate.

However, the main question remains whether the token XRP qualified by US regulators like securities, which may significantly complicate the life of the Ripple. If the authorities recognize the token of the unregistered action, as they did with some of ICO’s lately, this will cause problems for both the Issuer and the exchanges on which trading this rituality.

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